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How printed tote bags can enhance your marketing efforts

by on February 6, 2019 in Advertising, Events, Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Startups

How printed tote bags can enhance your marketing efforts

Successful marketing departments recognise the importance of effective marketing strategies.

Are you aspiring to become one of the most successful marketing departments regarding your products and services?

The high chances are that you tried most of the popular marketing strategies such as online marketing, door-to-door visits, and television advertisements among others.

Well, those are not the only creative methods to expose your services or products. Printed tote bags are a great way to promote any brand. Yes, we are talking about promotional bags. Before you say anything about the items, below are some benefits that come with promotional bags.

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Bold Communication

Promotional bags have ample spaces to advertise your company or organization. You can decide to portray the message using initials or a couple of sentences.

You have the freedom to include your full name, address, website and other details you wish to display to the target market.

Also, printing a captivation quote or the mission and vision of your company is a great idea. The printed bags allow you to get all the attention you need from the public.


You may think that promotional bags are expensive because they are more effective than most marketing strategies, but that is not the case. The printed items are affordable because the manufacturers try to keep the cost as cheap as they can for mass supply.

In conjunction with that, the more branded bags you request, the more affordable the price is per bag. It is better to spend less on many marketing items than using a lot of money for television advertisements that only last for a number of seconds at a time. Using cheap promotional bags enables you to have your brand on display for a large number

Great Exposure

One significant fact about promotional bags is that they last for an extended period. The longer they last, the more they expose your company.

More than 70% of clients who receive promotional bags keep them, and more than 50% of the clients reach out to inquire about your products and services.

Apart from that, you get more recognition when the clients who receive the printed bags give away the items. Think of it as “tell a friend to tell a friend.”

Moreover, the writings on the promotional bags are big and bold enough for someone to spot from a distance. Hence, other individuals can get your message even when they are not carrying the bags. It takes one client to carry the bag around, and your message will reach more people than you expected.

Promotional Bags as Business Cards

The printed bags are cost-effective hence you will lose when you give them out as business cards. Suppose a client purchases one of your services or products; you can give him or her a bag to act as your business card.

Keep in mind that you can include every detail about your company on the sides of the pack. Suppose you do not have sufficient business cards to hand out to your desired number of clients, promotional bags are fantastic alternatives.

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