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Brillo Time : Is Ken Livingstone wishing he’d stayed in retirement?

by on February 1, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Brillo Time : Is Ken Livingstone wishing he’d stayed in retirement?

Ken Livingstone made the brave choice of going on This Week to make a film explaining why “my friend Hugo Chavez” wasn’t responsible for the economic misery that has been wrought upon Venezuela and it’s all America’s fault instead.

One Twitter comment  … Andrew Neil could have been having the same conversation with many of the far left politicians including Jeremy Corbyn. It is very frustrating to see someone who when faced with facts and not rhetoric just refuse to believe what is put in front of them. This is the weakness of the far left and should be exploited more.

They think that if they say something then we will all believe what they say. They are just unreconstructed flat earthers but it is frightening that they could be close to being our government.

Back to last night : It’s almost worth watching just for Ken’s opening line of “Remember me? I used to be Mayor of London”…

Predictably, Ken’s bogus arguments were completely torn apart by Andrew Neil afterwards, with a hapless Livingstone reduced to saying: “I don’t know, I’m a retired pensioner, I don’t have staff providing the information”.

His only defence after that was that the Venezuelan ambassador had told him it was true.

At least he wasn’t quoting the anti-Semitic historical revisionist ‘UN rapporteur’ that Chris Williamson is so keen on

Brillo then did the public service of explaining to Ken some of the real reasons why Venezuela is a basket case, including decades of self-enriching dictatorship, random confiscation of private property, price controls, and putting a loyalist army General in charge of the national oil company.

Ken’s probably wishing he’d stayed in retirement…

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