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How to use Promo Tote Bags to enhance your marketing efforts

by on March 18, 2019 in Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

How to use Promo Tote Bags to enhance your marketing efforts

Promo tote bags are some of the promotional giveaways that have hit the marketing space by storm.

They are popular because they can be used for a long time and have enough space to put up the company’s information.

Is a promotional tote bag ideal for your business?

Although Printed Tote Bags & Promotional Bags can be used ideally in almost all companies, here are some of the most industries where this strategy is most effective.

  1. Retail

This is the most suited business to use promotional bags. What makes it s natural fit is that the bag can be used to store the shopping.

Since they are durable, the client has a choice to use them later for shopping, which means that they will spread the word even further.

The retailer can offer them at a price or give them away for free. Either way, the retailer manages to reduce the costs of availing a paper or plastic bag.

If you are operating in an area where plastic bags are prohibited, Printed Tote Bags will work in your favour because they are environmentally friendly. The retailer can also choose to give them as incentives or discounts to promote sales.

  1. Healthcare

There is usually a host of prescriptions and papers that patients carry when they leave a hospital facility.

If you want to establish a strong customer base, consider using promotional bags in your healthcare facility.

Whether the patient is staying at the hospital or coming for a one day treatment, Printed Tote Bags & Promotional Bags will help them keep it all together.

  1. Trade shows, meetings, events and conferences

Giving bags during such events will help the attendees to keep their things in order, such as the goodies and handouts they receive.

  1. Community groups, non-profits and churches

Bags will help create and enhance the awareness of such establishments because people will always carry them around.

This does not imply that other businesses that are not on this list cannot benefit from using these bags, but it means that the strategy works best in the above mentioned industries.

Before including bags in your marketing strategy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my product fit in the bag?

  • Will my customers use their bags in busy shopping centres?

  • Does my product require using a bag?

  • Does my potential niche market embrace the use of such bags?

Money saving tips for promotional bags

Once you have determined that you need to use a bag, here are some tips to help you save money while at it:

  • Buy in large quantities

Although buying in large numbers requires a bigger investment, it will help you save on cash. Large volume of purchase is likely to attract huge discounts.

  • Order early

Bags can be heavy and they take some time to transport. So, make sure you order for your bags at least one month in advance so that you do not delay your marketing campaign.

  • Do not give them to everyone

Now that you are investing a lot in the bags, give them to customers and prospects only.

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