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How to market your dental practice

by on June 25, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Rock 'n Roll

How to market your dental practice

Being a good dentist is not enough to attract patients to your dental practice. For that to be the case, you need to market your business.

Doing so will help you to bring in fresh customers, and it could even strengthen the connections that you have with the customers that you currently treat. Quite simply, advertising your company is vital if you want to see it thrive… especially in the competitive healthcare market.

You’re a dentist, not a marketer, so you’ve probably got no idea where to even start in your advertising venture. Fear not, however, as comprehensive advice on the matter can be found below.

Here’s how to market your dental practice:

Have something worth advertising

Before you even consider running a marketing campaign, you must have something in place that is actually worth advertising.

You will do your business more harm than good if you were to, say, upload content to the web that makes you look like you cannot provide quality and professional dental services.

Before you decide to take any photographs to promote your practice, then, just be sure that what you are snapping is going to make people want to make you their new dentist… and not send them running for the hills (or another new dentist).

In this instance, one of the most important things to have in place is quality dental supplies, the likes of which are supplied in bulk by Kent Express.

With the right tools, equipment, and stock at your disposal, you will give yourself the perfect muse to base your marketing campaigns around — showing off quality Nitrile gloves would be much better than showing off big-standard latex ones, for instance.

If you show yourself to be using quality equipment in this sense, potential patients will see just how professional are. As a result, they’ll then feel more comfortable to come to whenever they are in need of the dental services that you provide.

Be sure to keep everything relevant, too, especially when you turn to digital marketing in your advertising endeavour. People don’t expect to see you, say, posting about your favourite sport’s team — they want to see you providing insights into dentistry and the services that you offer.

Focus on local SEO

Embracing SEO in a broad sense is never a bad thing, as filling your website with essential dental terms and keywords will help to give your business the Google stamp of approval.

However, if you really want to grab the attention of your target audience, that being the residents who live in close proximity to your practice, you really need to focus on local SEO. If done correctly, this will see information about your dental practice find its way onto the screens of your target demographic.

To do local SEO correctly, you must attempt to rank keywords that hone in on your geographic location. If you are based in Birmingham, for example, you should attempt to rank terms like ‘Birmingham dentist’ or ‘best Birmingham oral surgeon.’

When you face the all-important task of marketing your dental practice, be sure to remember the advice laid out above.


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