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Gemma Greaves launches brand refresh for the Marketing Society

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Gemma Greaves launches brand refresh for the Marketing Society

Bravo on celebrating their 60th birthday with a vibrant brand refresh (great work from Bloom).

Clarity of purpose ‘empowering brave leaders’ and a fresh contemporary look built around the greater informality and the conversations they enable. All celebrated with a great party, of course. Happy birthday and bravo and team!

It’s been a while since my last note and that’s because we’ve been waiting to share some exciting news…

This year is our 60th birthday and we’re celebrating this milestone with the launch of our fresh brand identity and purpose, bringing to life the key elements of the Society – having conversations that matter and building meaningful connections with each other. We’ve also made some changes to your membership which we hope you’ll enjoy.

Firstly, we have a new website (members-only area launching this evening) designed to give you a more personalised journey, full of the inspirational content you’d expect from our global community. Alongside this, our new CRM system is now in place meaning a more customised experience.

Secondly, building on our evolved purpose to ‘empower brave leaders’, we’re introducing EMPOWER, our quarterly digital magazine full of thought leading articles and opinions from the global marketing industry and beyond. The first issue will be with you next week.

And finally – your membership card is your global pass giving you access to events across all our seven hubs, complete with individual QR codes so you can swap details and connect with fellow members. It’s on its way now.

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So, it’s been a busy few months behind the scenes – a real time of listening and learning and we hope we’ve got it right.

Your feedback is important to us, so do get in touch and share your thoughts – it’s the only way your global community gets better.

Here’s to the next 60 years and thank you for your support.

Gemma Greaves



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