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Boost productivity by improving your workspace

by on August 14, 2019 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Startups

Boost productivity by improving your workspace

If you’re the owner of a startup or a small business, you know the value of making your marketing team as productive as possible.

You might not have as many resources or employees as larger corporations, so the employees you do have must be as efficient as possible.

Sometimes all you need to do is freshen up your workspace. Clean, modern workspaces can help boost creativity and energy, which leads to a more productive team. Here are 4 simple changes you can make throughout your workspace.

Practice workplace ergonomics

If you’re going to spend money on new furniture, don’t buy trendy furniture that will become outdated in a few years.

Instead, focus on ergonomics. Design workspaces that keep in mind your employee’s capabilities and limitations. Look into safe seating and desk options that allow for good posture and less exertion.

Most desk positions require employees to sit for hours at a time. Sitting all day places pressure on the lower back and spine, which can cause people to become uncomfortable and sore. Even the most comfortable chairs can eventually create tension within your back. This is why many companies are turning to standing desks.

Sit Stand desks from HADO allow people to move from sitting and standing throughout the day. Standing desks are adjustable in height. Standing throughout the day helps stimulate circulation. Increased circulation sends more oxygen and nutrients to your brain, which helps increase your focus and productivity.

Another great benefit of standing desks is it allows people to move away from living a sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity and other health concerns.

Add some plants

If you don’t have the money to invest in new furniture, freshen up your workspace with some plants instead. Studies show that incorporating natural elements into the work environment reduces stress, reduces sick days, and boosts creativity.

Plants help to clean the air of carbon dioxide and of chemicals such as formaldehyde, which helps make the air easier for humans to breathe. Plus, plants are attractive to look at! Plants can help keep employees happier and more psychologically engaged, which increases productivity.

If you’re going to add plants to your workspace, make sure to consider how much water and sunlight that plants will need. Nobody will enjoy coming into work after a weekend away to discover that the plants have died. Succulents, such as the jade plant, are a good investment because they require minimal watering. Another hardy plant is the peace lily, which can survive in low lighting.

Eliminate clutter

Look around the desks of your employees. Are there piles of paper and office supplies scattered about their desks?

Coming into work and being immediately greeted by a large pile of paperwork reminds employees of all the work that needs to happen that day, which immediately creates stress and pressure.

Instead of cluttered desks, help employees creating filing and storage systems that allow materials to neatly be put away instead of lingering on desks. This provides them with more space to work and a clean environment. Plus, organizing materials makes them easier to find! They won’t have to waste time rooting around through papers to find the one they’re looking for or spend time trying to figure out what happened to their stapler.

Create vision boards

Furniture, plants, and organizational systems can all cost money but boosting productivity doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you’re looking for an extremely low-cost way to boost productivity, come together as a team and create vision boards.

Vision boards not only focus on goals you want to achieve but how you want to feel. For example, employees may want to include some note cards with goals onto their board, but they should also focus on adding quotes that make them feel inspired and photos that make them feel happy.

Vision boards can then be placed near each employee’s desk to provide a visual reminder of the goals they’re working towards. However, when they look at their board, they’ll also see items that make them feel inspired and happy.

The great thing about vision boards is they can be re-done often. Once an employee achieves a goal, they can remove it from their board and add a new one. Corkboards make the best vision boards since you can use push pins, but poster boards and tape also work.

Final thoughts

If your workspace is uncomfortable and dingy, it could lead to your employees feeling uninspired.

Changing up your workspace with some of the tips above can brighten up your space and lead to a boost in productivity. Switching things up may require some financial investments, but it’ll be worth it once you have a more productive team.


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