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How to find flexible and remote research jobs

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How to find flexible and remote research jobs

Did you know that employees who work remotely on a full-time basis outscore regular employees as per the Employee Engagement Survey?

Gone are the days where people were skeptical about remote working or having to hire someone whom who you might not even see face to face, especially in the field of research that requires a lot of contribution.

However, working from home or away from an office is now gaining popularity in many ways, and will help you find some of the best remote research occupations in your preferred location.

Before knowing how to land the perfect remote research job, here are a few other things that you need to know.

Why Work Remotely?

• It offers you more flexibility in your daily schedule.

• You get to create your conducive work environment.

• You don’t have to travel long-distances or play dress-up for work every day.

• You can allocate more time towards other goals and side projects.

• It helps you save more money on additional expenses.

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Why Employers Hire Remote Workers?

• Employers have the chance to gain access to a broader talent pool.

• They find them to be more productive.

• It helps them to cut down business costs and the cost of employees.

• Employee retention and satisfaction is higher in remote working culture.

About Research Jobs

Researching is a great profession that offers several exciting career opportunities. You can get into a research role based on the type of research that interests you. Here are three different research-oriented occupations that might interest you.

• Basic Research — It forms the first level of any ground work and mostly involves data gathering.

• Applied Research — It consists of the application of scientific principles in business projects to bridge the gap between problems.

• Development (R&D) — This is the last phase where the creation of innovative products and services happen based on observations and outcomes.

How to land a Remote Research Job?

Today, you can find many Research-related roles that are scientific, community-oriented, financial, and commercial. Some job titles under Research jobs include R&D Engineer, Scientist, Research Assistant, Scientific Manager, Business Analyst, and more.

Hence, it is crucial to review each job profile and choose the one that best suits your profile and availability. Distant working can help you choose from the different options available such as freelancing, contractor, part-time, and even full-time working options.

Here are 6 tips on how to get a flexible remote research job.

Firstly, find out if remote working is right for you. For this, you will need to lay down the pros and cons and evaluate yourself.

Secondly, find your motivating factor. It is challenging staying in the groove when no one is watching over you. Remember, in remote working, only you force yourself to work. Hence, you need to find that one thing that will drive you to perform.

Thirdly, carve out a great job application/resume fit for a remote job application. Talk about your skills and how you are the right choice for remote working.

Fourthly, find out some great places where you can find your dream research job.

Some criteria to look out for include:

• Transparency

• Payments and hidden charges

• User-friendliness of the website

• Number of regular job postings

• Option to customize your search preferences

• Flexibility in work profiles such as freelancing, contract, part-time, and full-time

• Application response time

Fifthly, you need to know who the biggest employers are in the field of remote research working. It will help you shortlist your employers easily.

Lastly, understand the expectations and requirements of remote employers clearly.


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