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How to get more users on board with push notifications?

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How to get more users on board with push notifications?

Marketing automation, for a long time, has been about email marketing strategies.

But with the onset of better technology, Push Notifications have become the ultimate key to target audience automatically.

How To Get More Users On Board With Push Notifications

In creating a diversified approach of marketing, web push notifications play a crucial role. From retaining customers and building loyalty to acquiring new users, they can contribute significantly and help your business grow.

So, if you have not yet adopted this magical strategy for your marketing, let us tell you how you can do it and reap the best benefits.

What is the importance of web push notification?

One of the biggest perks that web push notifications have over other marketing tactics is how simple they are to set up fully. All it takes is a browser that supports them and a primitive level of technical knowledge.

Another significant advantage that they pose is that after setting up browser push notifications, users do not require a mobile application. When basically, web push notifications can fulfill the ease of access for many categories of businesses, they can actually do well without a native mobile app.

Their third and most prominent advantage is that they can be highly targeted in terms of reaching the audience. With the most uncomplicated segmentation tools, you can create user category buckets and customize your notifications accordingly.

But to understand in detail how you can use them to your maximum benefit, let us dive in deeper.

How to effectively use web push notifications?

  1. Copywriting

The crux of every web push notification comes down to a good copy. Right from having the users to opt-in to clicking on a notification to take action, it is all about how well you can converse with the users.

Here’s is what you should remember:

  • Be concise with your message to fit into the character limit.

  • Appeal to what the user requires. It can be good articles, information, online courses, discounts, events, etc.

  • Take the scarcity approach. This means that to get optimum conversions, create a sense of urgency for the users. For instance, “don’t miss out on monsoon deals; selling out fast.”

  • Prove that other people have a high interest in your services with numbers.

  • Choose a compelling Call to action.

  1. User segmentation

Once your creative copy has gained enough diverse users for your website, you can move on to segmenting these users based on a few essential criteria.

Manually attempting this step can be a little cumbersome; however, there are online tools that can help you in accomplishing this.

Based on your users’ on-page activities and push behaviors, these tools can help you in segregating your users among different buckets. For each bucket, you can create a personalized notification to send.

These tools can also help you to schedule your web notifications according to the geographical locations of your users.

  1. Analysis

No good strategy is complete without analyzing its effectiveness. So, to gauge the performance of your push notification strategy, you can analyze their CTR (Click-through rate), deliverability, number of clicks, and, of course, conversions.

You can also study the opt-out rate and reasons to alter your future campaigns accordingly.  Since the ultimate goal of every marketing strategy is conversions, this is a vital step for the overall campaign.


Regardless of the industry that your business belongs to, web push notifications can prove to be extremely beneficial for your business.

Whether you own an eCommerce company or have an eLearning business, all you need to know about is push notification best strategies and how to reap maximum benefits from them.


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