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Unified communications: aligning sales, marketing and every department

by on August 29, 2019 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use

Unified communications: aligning sales, marketing and every department

Making the different areas of your business align can seem like an impossible task when you consider how complicated the communications landscape is today, and how many different services are available for connecting your workers and clients.

Across the great range of apps and services available to communicate over, it is possible to find that different wings of your organisation are working at cross-purposes and have misinterpreted the company’s main plan, or worse, have made offers and statements which directly contradict what another department has established.

Maintaining a single plan for the overall direction of your company is a vital step towards maximising your profits. But a second, essential step, is to ensure that all parts of the business are clearly informed of what the intended strategy direction for the company that quarter is. One way to ensure you can do this is to invest in a unified communications platform.

What is a unified communications platform?


Companies such as Unified Communications Provider offer platforms on which all data and communications within your business can be routed through a single service. This can have advantages for all parts of your business.

For your sales team this can offer a reduced rate for all telephone calls, all using an online service to lower prices. For the marketing team an immediate effect is that the data they need to transfer can all be sent over a single system.

Unified communications offer other advantages including an increase in the speed with which you can communicate with clients, and decisions can be made and relayed down to the customer facing side of the company.

What benefits does a unified communications platform offer to the whole company?


The greatest advantage of this system is that your whole business can be integrated together into a single system.

It allows upper management to decide on a direction for the whole company and then every department head to send on the most relevant data to their entire department. The video calling feature also allows managers to hold group calls with their teams and for more efficient meetings if some workers are remote.

This ability to undertake fast and effective video calling offers a huge advantage to the whole company, in that it allows for greater freedom for employees to work from home. This can radically reduce costs and also positively affect your company’s carbon footprint. If employees can claim for their travel expenses this can also save your business a huge deal of money.

With remote access workers it is possible to break through what can be called the talent barrier.

This is the limit imposed by the concentration of the skilled labour you need close to where your business is set up. If you can call on specialist knowledge without needing to be situated within commuting distance of your workers it is possible to find a cheaper location to headquarter your business.

With providers having their own tech teams and with access to the services being remote, it can also be possible to free up a lot of your IT department’s time and let them work on more useful projects than worrying about communications.



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