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Protecting your startup : How remote workers can keep their data safe

by on August 27, 2019 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Startups

Protecting your startup : How remote workers can keep their data safe

Using remote workers is a smart move for any new startup because it can help to keep costs down, it allows you to utilize skilled workers from around the world and can keep the operation simple and straightforward.

While there are many perks to using remote workers, there are also a few key considerations to make and one of these is keeping data safe. In today’s day and age, cybercrime is an enormous problem and one which every startup needs to consider as they are often targeted by cybercriminals.

With this in mind, here is a guide for how you can help remote workers to keep data safe and secure at all times.


Restricted Access


First, it is a smart move to give restricted access to who can access crucial company data. While you will trust your remote workers, it is intelligent to use restricted access in case their device ends up in the wrong hands.

By allowing them to access only what they need, it can help to keep vital company data safe from harm and misuse.


Strong Passwords

Leading on from this, you must also make sure that strong passwords are used to gain access to company data. These passwords should be random, complex and changed regularly.


Restrict Public Wi-Fi Usage


One of the perks of remote working is that it can be done from anywhere, but if your workers are using public WiFi, then data security cannot be guaranteed.

It is for this reason why you should tell remote workers to never send sensitive information over public Wi-Fi unless a VPN is used.


Cloud Security


Cloud security from specialists like is essential if you use a team of remote workers. Cloud computing is an excellent way to manage remote work, but it can be dangerous without adequate protection in place.

Cloud security can be used to protect cloud computing environments from both internal and external cybersecurity threats.


Security Software


It is also an intelligent idea to provide security software for your remote workers, which will help them to keep their devices safe from external threats. It ensures that company data is always protected and that your team is able to work efficiently and with confidence at all times.


Educate Your Team


Finally, you should take the time to educate your remote team on how they can keep data safe as often a breach comes down to a mistake or lack of knowledge. You can either do this by training remote workers on safe usage, or you could create a document and distribute this to your remote team when they start work.


Combining these strategies should help your remote team to keep important company data safe at all times. Having a remote workforce brings many benefits for a startup company and should certainly be encouraged, but there are a few key considerations with data security being particularly important.

Take steps to protect company data, and it will allow you to enjoy all the perks that a remote workforce can bring for a startup business


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