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10 things you need to consider in hiring security guards

by on September 20, 2019 in Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

10 things you need to consider in hiring security guards

When you’re in need for a security guard, obviously something needs protecting.

Whether it’s a company, home, school or a museum, there’s a reason why your premises need protecting, but how can you ensure that the security guard who has that responsibility is even worthy of it?

Training and eligibility

A security guard must have proper licensing according to the requirements of the state. Using a company that hires security guards will help you guarantee that. People who live in Australia, for example, tend to use security services quite a bit.

The locals of Melbourne in particular know that as the necessities differ per state, the process of Melbourne security guard hire requires that security guards holds a Private Security License or Registration issued by Victoria Police. It is also vital that a criminal background check is issued to qualify for a security guard position in Melbourne.


Whether you’re hiring a company or an individual, it is essential to check that the candidate has experience and knows what they’re doing. Not only will they have the necessary training, but also the experience to deal with certain situations to guarantee that they do a good job.

Communication skills

Depending on the job specification, a security guard can be dealing with people on a daily basis or will need to have strong communication skills to be able to handle specific situations.


There are security guard companies that offer technological solutions that make it easier to not only interact with a security guard, but also ensure that they keep the entire area protected at all times.


When considering a certain company, the best way to get proper feedback is to check what their current customers are saying about them. You’ll find that the reviews are not only worthy, but show exactly what to expect from the company and will help you make a thorough decision.


While lower costs could seem attractive, you can find that you could be paying extra hidden costs that you’re unaware of or even that the security guards are underpaid and not the best caliber you’re looking for.

Response rate

Hiring a company that is responsive is essential. Especially during the beginning when you have feedback about the security guard or need specific adaptations to be made.


Another aspect to consider is how motivated the security guards are to do their job. Even when there are slow or quiet periods, a security guard should be able to stay alert and observant and be motivated to do their job efficiently.

Administration skills

It’s not enough to just have the proper training, but having administration skills is also essential as a lot of paperwork is involved requiring skills such as note-taking and organizational skills.


When choosing a company, you need to be able to depend on them not only to send you the right caliber who will do the job well, but also a reliable and reputable company who will tend to any problems that might occur and handle the situation in an effective manner.

Security guards have a pretty important job and is vital for your business or home to ensure that you’re getting someone who can not only do the job efficiently, but will also be able to handle other aspects of the job.


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