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Don’t forget to include a point of sale solution in your retail business plan

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Don’t forget to include a point of sale solution in your retail business plan

You have many responsibilities as a retail business owner, but your ultimate goal is to help your company prosper.

Whether you run a produce shop or a spa, it is important to make it as easy as possible for customers to find you and pay you and to handle your accounting. Traditional cash registers may not be your best option anymore.

Technological advancements make it easy for customers to book and pay and for you to manage your business, all with a single electronic system. The clover station, for example, has a sleek design but a big function. It can help you manage inventory and time sheets and run reports as well as make it easy for customers to pay.

With today’s technology, there are multiple reasons why you should include a Point of Sale (POS) solution in your retail business plan.

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More Payment Options

Today’s advanced POS systems make it easy for you to accept a variety of payment types, from the new cards with embedded microprocessors called EMV chips to mobile payments with virtual wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

A recent survey from TSYS, a payment processor, asked 1,222 people how they preferred to pay for purchases. Debit cards were the top choice, with 54 percent of respondents choosing them first, and credit cards were preferred by 26 percent of respondents. A good POS system helps you accommodate these new payment trends and preferences.

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Higher Efficiency

Your entire business will run more efficiently with the right tools. Advanced POS systems are designed to make it quick and easy for customers to pay, reducing checkout times and raising satisfaction for them and you. A great example of this sort of platform is the clover flex.

This small device lets you check out customers on the go, whether in line or at a table. You can take orders and print receipts with its advanced technology without inconveniencing anyone.

Simpler Bookkeeping

With a good POS strategy in place, accounting becomes much simpler. The days of sifting through piles of receipts are gone. Modern POS programs and equipment let you quickly and easily print reports and often allow you to import information straight into your accounting programs.

Detailed Business Reporting

POS programs are designed to make it easy for you to monitor expenses, sales, and profits easily. These systems give you real-time data so you can accurately track your bottom line as well as study important performance indicators such as average sales figures.

Some POS programs offer cloud reporting so you can look at your business numbers anytime, anywhere.

Easy Management and Marketing

A good POS system makes it easy for you to handle multiple tasks that are vital for your business’ success.

For example, the Booker POS is designed for spas and salons and helps owners provide online booking, attract new customers, offer online gift cards, manage data and employees, maximize social media campaigns, and provide great customer service so people keep coming back.

If you want to take your business to the next level, consider getting a reliable POS system.

The right one can help you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses while providing great customer service, setting you up for success in the short term and beyond.

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