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Biggest online business mistakes that you should not duplicate

by on January 9, 2020 in Business, featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Research, Small Business, Startups

Biggest online business mistakes that you should not duplicate

 You can do better than that.

It’s frustrating and heart-wrenching to witness your newly-launched online business crumble to pieces over a short period of time because of a certain mistake (or mistakes) that you have innocently committed.

If you only did more research or was not too lazy or have read this article earlier than now, then you might have never committed these big mistakes to begin with. However, you can try again.

But if you are just starting and you have come here to actually look for a list of mistakes to learn from as a new online entrepreneur, then it must be your lucky day. You came to the right place.

Below are some of the biggest mistakes that an eShop owner practically needs to avoid and learn from.

Almost similar domain name as a competitor

There are possible terms and mixed words that might be a good idea for your business name and domain.

However, especially if it is a very common term, it is better to check first if the domain name you desire to use is already taken or even has a very similar domain name from a probable competitor.

Using whois will help you find this out. Having almost similar domain name as any website may compromise your identity as a brand, traffic, keyword rankings, and other on page optimisation or marketing details.

Less to zero user-beneficial contents

Hard selling is understandable for an online store. But make sure to post relevant and informative contents, whether an article, an infographic, a video or anything that can provide aid or educate your visitors and potential customers.

These contents are also good in terms of social media marketing for the shareability and even increase traffic or rankings if internal linking and external linking are both done right.

Lack of social media management/maintenance

Social media planning and management can help promote largely your brand, your contents and of course, your products. Never neglect this and be keen about the details, more importantly during the planning stage.

Poor customer support

Since you have built an eCommerce website, you should be expecting to deal with customers.

With certain limitations, your responsibility with your customers should not be limited during the buying process alone.

Provide world-class customer service to your potential customers at all times and throughout the whole process.

Moreover, good customer support can also perhaps bring in returning returning orders. So always be nice and accommodating, while wearing a smile.

Inadequate to total absence of promos and discounts for customers

You might say that you have just began and you can’t afford to giveaway stuff and discounts so far. Just try to find a way around it.

Freebies and promos can be a good way to launch your shop. This can bring your brand name to places. Moreover, promos like 10% or 15% off on your customer’s next purchase can help ensure returning buyers.

Committing these grave online business mistakes may cost you your investment. So make sure to avoid and never duplicate the above-mentioned. Know and do better.


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