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Movers and Groovers : Sahel Al Majali: Founder of Mid Group

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Movers and Groovers : Sahel Al Majali: Founder of Mid Group

Movers and Groovers

UK construction company, the Mid Group, is managed by a highly experienced team of professionals who have helped the organisation to grow exponentially since its creation in 2014.

Sahel Majali chairs all Mid Group boards, striving to achieve establish the Mid Group as the UK’s premier construction company.

The Mid Group’s innovative approach to construction and contracting leverages modern construction methods and offsite solutions, implementing emerging technologies like BIM to optimise project management from inception to completion.

The Mid Group liaises closely with clients, enabling it to identify and understand each client’s individual needs.

The Mid Group is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through the implementation of offsite construction solutions and ground-breaking digital technologies.

Digital Technologies in Construction

In the course of just five years, digital technologies have had a revolutionary impact on the construction sector. Innovations like VR, BIM and 3D printing hold vast potential for both clients and contractors, increasing productivity, minimising cost, and facilitating faster, more efficient project delivery.

Digital technologies enable project participants to stay connected, both with the project itself and with each other. BIM promotes collaborative thinking and problem solving, in real time, speeding up planning processes and optimising project outcomes.

Implementing digital technologies in building projects mitigates risks, making construction safer. VR enables collaborators to view the project from the safety of their office – or indeed, from any location in the world – eliminating the substantial risks posed by visiting a live construction site in person.

BIM helps project managers make construction sites safer by modelling tasks sequentially. It can also be used to create visual representations of a building, enabling planners to pinpoint potential hazards without visiting in person.

BIM can be used to carry out safety evaluations and provide visual risk analysis. Construction companies use BIM to produce detailed reports delineating site conditions; an invaluable tool for initiating new construction workers who are unfamiliar with the site.

A Brief Profile of Sahel Al Majali

Mid Group CEO

Sahel Majali has over 30 years of experience in contracting and construction, during which time he has worked alongside some of the best-known companies and private individuals and his work has been recognised with numerous industry awards.

An engineering expert, Majali first graduated in 1984, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University College London. The next year, Majali moved to the United States of America to continue his studies, gaining an M.E.A. – having majored in Construction Management – from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

In 1991 Majali established the company Mid Contracting Jordan, which focused on dynamic development, construction and investment. Majali has received several awards for his work in the Hashemite Kindom of Jordan, including the Order of Independence, Grade 3, and the King Abdullah Award for Excellence.

During a long career in the construction industry, Majali developed an in-depth knowledge of construction management and new construction technologies, which culminated in the founding of the Mid Group in 2014.

Sahel Majali is the founder and Chairman of the Mid Group, one of the UK’s fasting growing and multi-national dynamic construction, development and investment companies.

In his role as Chairman, Sahel Majali presides over the Mid Group’s boards, overseeing the company’s development with the aim of becoming the best contractor in the United Kingdom. The Mid Group is based in the Middle East as well as in the UK, and the company is dedicated to providing maximum value for its partners and clients.

Sahel Majali founded the Mid Group in 2014.

Under Mr Majali’s guidance, this leading construction company has been commissioned to work on numerous major construction projects throughout the South East of England, collaborating with private and public developers on a wide range of developments and infrastructure.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Majali has worked with some of the world’s most renowned companies and individuals.

Find out more about Sahel Majali, Chairman of the Mid Group, by visiting his professional profile on LinkedIn.


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