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A new multichannel fundraising campaign created by WPNC

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A new multichannel fundraising campaign created by WPNC

Second wave of TV campaign set to launch

Childhood cancer research charity Children with Cancer UK has been boosted by donations of almost £1.25m following a multichannel fundraising campaign created by WPNC.

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The figure includes almost £780,000 in annual regular giving income and further one-off donations totalling more than £450,000 – outperforming previous Children with Cancer UK ads, with greater response rates and return on investment.

Children with Cancer UK’s campaign used TV, social media and traditional media to showcase emotive and authentic stories of children with cancer receiving treatment at specialist hospitals across the UK.

The joyful moment when children ring an ‘end of treatment bell’*, symbolising the end of what is often a long and gruelling period of treatment, was the emotional high point of the creative work.

The second stage of the campaign, going live on TV on March 5th, builds on the success of the first wave – which has so far generated more than 160,000 individual responses. This includes almost 20,000 new regular donors.

The new ad follows the story of cancer survivor Nieve, aged seven, who also featured in the previous ad. Nieve was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2017, aged five. In the new ad, Nieve recounts her treatment and is shown ringing an end of treatment bell to mark the end of her cancer journey.

The ad also highlights that, unfortunately, not all children get the opportunity to finish treatment, ring the bell and go home with their families.

Samantha Slough, Individual Giving Manager at Children with Cancer UK, comments: “Every day in the UK, 12 families receive the devastating news that they their child has cancer, and sadly two of those diagnosed will not survive.

This is why specialist research into childhood cancers is so important and is what Children with Cancer UK works hard to fund.

“We are thrilled with the support and funding achieved through the initial campaign. We hope the creation of a new TV ad will further throw the spotlight on childhood cancer and the importance of funding life-saving research.

We aim to find kinder, safer treatments, and ultimately a cure, so that all children survive this devastating disease and get to go home with their families, like Nieve.”

Hannah Williams, Client Services Director at WPNC, adds: “This was a new creative strategy for the organisation, based on a message of hope not just for the child, but also their families.

We’re delighted that the decision to take an authentic approach to the campaign, with real-life stories, is bearing fruit and we look forward to extending fundraising efforts with the new ad.”

* End of treatment bells are placed in hospitals across the UK by the End of Treatment Bells charity. For a child with cancer, ringing the bell is a huge milestone. It means they’ve finished their treatment and are ready to get on with life.

It’s a moment for the whole family to celebrate – an opportunity to reflect on what’s been an emotional and physical journey, and to think about the future.


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