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Helpful tips on how to make your guest posts more SEO-friendly in 2020

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Helpful tips on how to make your guest posts more SEO-friendly in 2020

So, it’s no secret that guest posts are great ways to bring attention to your business…

But if your efforts seem to either not produce any results or aren’t producing the results you wanted, then you’ve got your investigative work cut-out for you.

That’s no reason to give up on your efforts, despite its discouraging results… The fact of the matter is that blogging is not only hard but it’s hard work as well. That reason alone is why so many businesses turn to link building agencies for guest posting services… And if you want your efforts to pay off, you have to make sure it’s being done right and no money is wasted.

The secret to success with guest posting is to make it SEO-friendly. In a nutshell, SEO is the art or practice of making your online content (which includes guest posts) easy for search engines to find and understand so that it can rank your content in relevancy as it pertains to relevant queries.

Great article

Now, to make your guest posts more SEO-friendly, you would think all you have to do is write a great article and post it on someone else’s site, right? Wrong. There’s a lot more that goes into guest posting than that…

The content you submit should be of high-quality and value and ultimately make the hosting site feel like they’d be a fool to not post your content… that’s how stellar your content should be. Unfortunately, the SEO craze has left many people creating content that uses quality and quantity interchangeably, as if they have similar meanings.


Understand that guest posts requires a level of expertise in a particular niche, it needs to showcase attention to detail, and utilize appropriate SEO strategies… If you can incorporate these considerations into the content you create, you’ll not only have SEO-friendly content but you’ll also have powerful posts that reach new audiences, which in turn drives more traffic to your site.

Take a look at some of the best practices on how to make your guest posts more SEO-friendly this year. It will definitely help you to become a better business blogger.

Tips on How to Make Your Guest Post More SEO-Friendly

Make Your Content’s Intent Immediately Known

If you have any working knowledge of writing, then you too were also probably taught in school to start your papers with some sort of teaser or phrase that makes the reader have to think too hard about what direction the content is going to go. Well, in the world of guest posting, throw that entire theory in the trash… it’s completely irrelevant here.

The intent or purpose of your post should be clear and understood in the first paragraph. According to and the structure of your content, starting with the title and the first paragraph, is where you have the one chance to entice your reader to continue reading… if this isn’t accomplished at the beginning, you’ve just lost the interest of that potential reader.

By making your content’s intent clear, it not only tells the reader what the main focus of the content is, but it also tells Google what it is as well. Typically, the keyword that’s of most importance to your post should be found in your first paragraph as well… Remember, Google is checking out your content as well, to see if it can be used to answer a question.

Keep in Mind That Your Content is For People, Not Search Engines (Google)

It can be hard at times to remember that the content you’re creating is not just to satisfy Google but it’s also to help and bring value to your readers. Yes, you want to rank well, but you’re not going to do that by trying to incorporate your keywords in every other sentence… Google can read right through that and not rank you at all simply because your post more than likely won’t make any sense. People were actually able to get away with tricks like that but Google has since “wised up.”

The key here would be to use your keywords sparingly and strategically. You are fully capable of creating content that’s valuable to readers all while putting a few keywords in here and there… this is going to make your content relevant and genuine in intent. Really put yourself in the shoes of your reader and ask yourself if your content would help you… that’ll put things into perspective a little better for you.

Incorporate Some Lengthy Posts

You might think that blog posts that are short and sweet are what readers want but it all just depends on the subject at hand. Short posts are great for certain topics but for topics that are more detailed, you’re going to need to write some long-form posts. And don’t worry about losing your readers’ attention… if they’re really interested and the post is well-written, they’re going to read it from top to bottom.

Now, there isn’t an ideal or perfect length that will guarantee success but a good rule of thumb to have in mind is to make posts at least 500 words long and it can go up to 2500 words to explain or get your point across. If you can’t make your point clear in that length, you may want to break your post into a series of interlinked posts. For example, “Startups From the Ground-Up: Part 1.”

These types of posts allow you to break your posts down into more detail, you’re able to add more links, and it keeps the reader anticipating parts two and three.

Make Sure Your Posts are Readable

Okay, let’s be honest… You know that Google is a search engine but if you look at the way it processes information, you’ll see that it reads just like people. It looks at the topic of your post and analyzes the subheadings and sentences within paragraphs… It even looks for transition words to determine what the main focus of your content is!

All that is said to say that the way and how well you structure your content plays a significant role in how readable your content is; otherwise known as readability. Things like word choice, the order of sentences, and flow all go into your readability score. If your readers can easily read your content, Google should be able to understand it as well.

Just a Reminder…

These tips are just a few helpful ways to make your guest posts more SEO-friendly. Some of these tips seem like common sense, and they truly are but if you’re new to guest posting, you may not have known these things… Plus, we’re all human and sometimes we just simply forget things, so it’s always good to have a refresher from time to time.

But if you can remember these when writing your guest posts, you’ll not only satisfy Google but also the hosting site and more importantly, the readers.


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