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7 valuable reasons businesses should use a postage meter

by on May 11, 2020 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

7 valuable reasons businesses should use a postage meter

A successful business is often measured based on the efficiency of all its processes.

Productivity is a significant success factor, and all businessmen strive to improve the standards of their business.

Optimized operations and process refinement could enhance the status of your business and a critical region where you should place your focus should be in the mailroom.

The success of your mail services solely relies on how you use the postage meter, and here are some seven reasons why you should invest in one.

Less Mailing Cost

The cost of sending mail could be a bit higher than you expected, and once you peek through the company’s financial documents, you might discover the real value of sending mail. For some companies, they lack the option of reducing costs without having to sacrifice on quality.

However, with a postage meter, such companies can be at liberty to reduce sending charges.

A business that uses postage meters is entitled to a range of products such as discounts on Pitney Bowes and USPS rates, and they expect a 40% margin savings on USPS express mail and 22% savings on priority mail. Furthermore, you can quickly move your company franking machine to remote locations and therefore work at your convenience.

Having a postage meter that allows for a financial reporting option will enable you to calculate the exact amount of money that your company has saved as opposed to using online or regular stamps.

Workplace Efficiency

Small enterprises often fail to realize workplace efficiency whenever a postage meter is introduced into the business environment. However, for huge businesses or those that have more mailing duties, they would feel the effect.

The phenomenon is evident in sales and marketing teams that, on several occasions, remit promotional materials and send huge volumes of mail to numerous clients.

Having a postage meter around translates to a conversion of the time-consuming duties to automated services. Some of the automated tasks include sealing envelopes, packing, adding stamps, and writing addresses.

Given that the manual tasks become fully automated, resources could be available for essential duties. Given this benefit, the postage meter could be helpful in home offices considering the limited resources and low workforce in such a setup.

Self-Promotion Possibilities

Some postage meters can print custom-designed materials on envelopes or labels that could be a means of self-promotion. Such a scenario proves to be useful in startups and small enterprises that are yet to establish a name.

By using company logos, design images, plain text, or by combining the three, a startup business could advertise itself using standard mail. Various companies use the avenue to spread the news about partnerships with great clients or even promote future projects.

In case your postage meter has an extensive network coverage, you can quickly transfer a particular design from your computer to the postage equipment. Also, in case you seek flexibility

whereby mail recipients and clients will have the chance to see promotions and advertisements, you can pick a postage meter that has various memory slots; therefore, you can store numerous customizations.

Enhances Professionalism

A mail that has personalized stamps and a typed address conveys corporate professionalism as opposed to a handwritten letter. The scenario could be beneficial to startup and small enterprises that are struggling to create a customer base.

Besides, printing information using a postage meter reduces the chances of making mistakes such as incorrect postage values, possibilities of a failed delivery, or misleading. Businesses that seek to either grow or maintain a steady customer relationship, postage meters are the way to go.

They are Convenient

Having a postage meter serves the same purpose as having a dedicated mailroom in the office environs. Sending and receiving mail becomes more manageable, and it removes the constant urge to visit the post office besides reducing wasted that results from uncertainties that are a result of fluctuating rates.

Speedy Operations

When placing stamps manually to a massive volume of envelopes, employees might find themselves wasting valuable time that they might have spent running other errands. By using a postage meter, your company can perform chores at a fast rate; hence the letters would be ready for dispatch in little time.

Increased Savings

Well, the postage meter has a digital scale that weighs precisely; thus, the right denomination would be printed on the envelope, and you won’t have to place numerous stamps on the envelope. Besides, you can easily refill the postage meter using the online platform that is accessible 24 hours a day.

Generally, a postage meter could help improve the mode of operations in your office.

You will find it easier to use such a meter as opposed to the physical collection of stamps from a disorganized drawer or some old inventories.


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