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Thinking about copying someone else’s blog post? Think again!

by on May 27, 2020 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, Media, News you can use, Nuggets, PR

Thinking about copying someone else’s blog post? Think again!

It’s just a little copy and paste, no one will notice, right?

You’re too tired to write today, taking an idea from a blog and changing a few words is acceptable, right? Wrong!

How would you feel if you discovered a blog post and saw that someone had copied it from your page word for word?

Or your concept had been patched here and there into some kind of mutant version of your initial idea? You’d feel sick. Angry. Frustrated, And probably a little desperate!

You can check if your text has been copied here, just click the link.

In simple terms, plagiarism doesn’t pay. And it can have incredibly severe consequences. Even if you’re having a bad day and just want to post something on your blog, taking the credit for someone else’s work just isn’t worth it. Want to know more? Read on for why you should think again before copying someone else’s work.

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There may be legal consequences

If you choose to plagiarise someone else’s work and try to pass it off as your own without giving credit to the original author then you could be looking at possible legal consequences – the original author could even sue you.

You may also be looking at fines or in extreme cases, a criminal sentence. So, while it’s tempting to plagiarise, it’s simply not worth it.

Your reputation will be in tatters

Whether you’re a student, you’re a blogger or you’re working for a specific business, if you’re caught out plagiarising work, then how do you think your reputation will stand?

Any followers you have accrued on your blog will probably drop off, and you’ll no longer be considered as someone to trust or someone who is reliable at work. You can kiss that promotion goodbye for sure. Would you give a job to someone who had been caught out copying the work of others? Probably not.

All your genuine work will be wasted

All those nights spent writing perfectly worded blog posts, uploading images, editing videos and dedicating all that time to building a following for your blog, or working hard to gain that promotion or pay rise will all be for nothing.


It’s embarrassing

Being caught plagiarising is hugely embarrassing!

No one will care if you were too tired or under so much pressure you felt like you had no other choice.

You copied someone else’s work and tried to pass it off as your own – it’s just not acceptable!


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