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Effective education marketing trends

by on June 25, 2020 in Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Effective education marketing trends

Marketing is an extremely competitive sphere. For any educational institution, it is essential to be a step ahead when it comes to marketing trends.

But it is not that easy to do it. The expectations of the digital generation are evolving and transforming education marketing.

In the past few years, there has been a tendency for a decrease in enrollment and an increase in the popularity of online learning services. To increase the number of students enrolled, the higher educational establishment needs to plan their digital marketing. With the help of the following strategies, you can enhance your plan and make it actually work.


Video Ads

It is next to impossible to attract a person’s attention by an advertisement text. It is easier to watch a video, rather than sit and read a long and boring post. Educational institutions are starting to realize this and begin to try out this strategy.

Using video advertisements is a great way to get to those people that have very little time. But it can be an effective strategy for all people. A good option is to make a video and post it with an interesting and informative article. Those that have more time and get interested in what they have watched will be able to read more information in the post. Video and text should work hand-in-hand.

Influencer Marketing

This type of word-of-mouth marketing is productive since the promotional material is provided by a third party.

To try out the influencer marketing strategy, you need to find a person suitable for your persona. It should be a target audience member. That person needs to have the ability to influence other people’s opinions and have a huge following. You can ask the chosen influencer to use your custom writing, or let them create their content.



Enhance Your SEO

SEO is not a new strategy, but one that has become very popular among businesses. People are more and more turning to online resources, so it is a good idea for universities and colleges to prioritize this strategy.

Students that have not chosen a higher educational establishment don’t look up its name in a search engine. Still, instead, they type in sports, search for information about the majors, and look for the degree types provided by the school.

Type in “Masters of Arts,” and the search engine will give you thousands of results. But among them will be not only schools but also a regular website. Why is that so? Those websites have strong keyword usage and drive a lot of traffic. The school that provides such a degree will usually be listed fifth, or even lower. Try using more generic keywords in the website’s content to bring more attention.

Also, according to Penji, try using more long-tail keywords. You can easily add some in the FAQ section.

Share Experiences

People like to read or watch something that provokes their feelings. The best way to do this with educational marketing is to share the experiences of the former students.

Also, another great example is to make a video about the first day of a first-year student or a move-in day on campus. Such videos can make students feel excited and motivate that to become a part of the whole learning process at your college.

Become Admission-Focused

Most of the college websites out there are not admission-focused a need a lot of redesigning to make them attract more traffic. Investing in a site may be pretty costly, but if to think long-term, it is a good investment. For your website to put the priority on admissions, you should:

  • Communicate exclusively with future applicants. It is best if the main website won’t have sections for the current students, such as calendars, schedules. Create a separate website, one that will contain all the information needed for the students that are already enrolled.

  • Give answers to the most frequent questions. It would be best if you thought about what future students want to find on the website and what topics bother them the most. Including a FAQ’s section to your website is a big plus. You use even use that section to attract more traffic by adding long-tail keywords.

  • Make it easy to apply. Provide calls to action. Make it easy to navigate from an informational article to applying to college. A potential applicant would appreciate it if he could jump from the page about a major that interests him directly to the application form.

To make your education marketing plan actually work, it is recommended to combine all of the strategies mentioned above.

By improving your current plan, you will be able to attract more students and increase the enrollment number.


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