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The importance of digital marketing for the higher education

by on June 25, 2020 in Business, Digital Marketing, featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Social Media, Startups, Videos

The importance of digital marketing for the higher education

Nowadays, when looking for an educational institution to apply to, future students resort to the Internet.

So, it is necessary to use opportunities to advertise educational services digitally.

And it doesn’t matter if you want to attract new traffic to the website of the educational institution, or you want to advertise educational services – the approaches and principles are almost identical.

Experts agree that this method of advertising is highly effective and less costly than other methods of non-digital marketing (radio, mailbox flyers, etc.).

Almost every educational institution that exists in the USA has a website filled with informational articles. Any student can get all the needed details about the application process, majors, degree types by scrolling through that website. Many of those colleges and universities provide the possibility to go through the complete registration process on their websites.

Moreover, those educational establishments began to offer various courses and certification programs that can be completed purely over the Internet. It highlights the fact that the perception of marketing and education has changed.

The main goal of implementing any marketing strategy, whether it is a traditional method or digital marketing, is to attract customers. In education marketing, the aim is to attract potential students and to increase the enrollment amount. But to do this successfully, remember to always talk to people in a simple language. This strategy is widely popular in the education marketing field.

But why is digital marketing so important for the education sector? How does it help? Read on to find answers to these questions.

Education Digital Marketing Can Impress Future Applicants

This means of marketing is the best one to choose when you need to reach a majority of students worldwide as quickly as possible.

Here are the reasons for that:

  • Future applicants will be searching for relevant information about the major and degree of their interest over the Internet.

  • Potential applicants use social media platforms and search engines more frequently than they turn on the TV.

  • It is a fact that internet advertisement is more effective and successful than the offline type of marketing.

  • A large percentage of students and their parents make an opinion about an educational established by the look of its website, the presence of reviews, and online ratings.

  • If a potential applicant lives far away from the college location, it is a lot easier to apply to the website, rather than needing to drive hundreds of miles.

Boosts Brand Awareness

According to DoTheDigital and write paper reviews , social media allows to create a university’s brand and establish it more effectively. It provides the possibility to reach a large number of target audiences very quickly.

Many educational establishments have chosen to use social marketing strategies over the traditional ones and succeeded in increasing leads and what is more important the brand awareness.


According to Relevance, Internet marketing is a great way to get more traffic at a smaller price.

If to compare the traditional ways of marketing with the digital ones, you will see that the second one is not only more effective but also less costly.

Email marketing is a good example of a digital marketing strategy that doesn’t cost much. You won’t regret trying it out since you will get incredible results in no time. Besides, the custom writing in newspapers and the email letters are quite similar.

Establish a Reputation

The best way to make a good reputation on the Internet, as well as on social media platforms, is to write quality, engaging, and interesting blog posts. Also, make videos that would interest potential students. For example, shoot a video of a move-in day on campus.

A student will love to watch it and see how everything goes on. To maximize the effect of social media posts on students, try combining both the video and text.

You can even take this another step forward by extracting, compiling and curating bits of academic papers, which are relevant to your universities’ disciplines, from the internet and thus create a favorable impression about your commitment to research.

Moreover, the website needs to be more admission oriented. The information on it should be customized for future students. It is best to move sections such a the schedule and calendar to a separate website.


Therefore, using digital marketing strategies for a quality and effective advertisement for educational establishments is vital. Nowadays, students can’t live a day without their phones.

They spend long hours on their social media accounts, and whenever they need some kind of information, they resort directly to the Internet.

So, implementing educational marketing is a big plus and will help you attract the target audience.


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