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Leading Web Design Trends for 2021

by on May 18, 2021 in Uncategorized


Web design is an ever-changing art form and keeping up with all of it can be a challenge, especially if you do not spend your life creating websites for a living. If you are looking to create a new website or you want to do some updating on a website that you already own, then it is time to learn what the latest trends are in 2021.

Each company will design a website that fits in with their needs and utilizes their unique brand. You can create something that will stand out simply by adding a few of these trends into your design as well. These are the trends that the top web design agencies are using in 2021:

1. Trends in Typography

Friend Carving Wood – Free photo on Pixabay

There have been some changes in web design trends when it comes to the topography that is used. The old belief that only sans serif fonts would work is getting kicked to the side. Since screens are getting bigger, we no longer have to reduce the page to these types of fonts.

Serif fonts can add some elegance and intrigue to some of the designs that you make. While you do not need to use these all the time, it at least provides you with some additional options. These serif fonts often appear more readable and less cluttered so it may be the trick you need to clean up the website.

The effects and animations are becoming more popular as well. For example, an animated string of words can be structured out to be a specific shape to help improve what is seen on the page. The way that you will do this will depend on your business and what seems to work with the page and the rest of the design.

Use some caution with the effects that you want to put on the page. Animations and effects can be really neat, but if you add them too frequently or they do not fit with your brand message, then they should not be placed in.

Some web designers are getting into using emojis to help relate to some of the potential customers. These emojis can make the text more playful and can be a tool that you utilize on occasion. When used properly, it can be an effective and simple way to send non-verbal messaging to users regardless of their backgrounds.

2. Trends in Color Design

Brush Watercolour Color Close – Free photo on Pixabay

Even the way that colors are used on a website is seeing some changes in the world around us as well. Using light colors in your web design is one of the biggest differences between web design and print. The visibility of light colors is often an issue when it is used in print design.

The opposite is seen when you use these same light colors on-screen. In fact, they are often preferred compared to the dark and bold colors that work in print. This is because the screen offers more clarity and sharpness so the darker colors seem overbearing and stressful, while the lighter colors show up more brilliantly than before.

Many find that light colors have a soothing effect that will encourage a user to stay on the page for a bit longer, helping to increase the likelihood that you will get the sale you would like. Experiment a bit with some of the colors to see what works best for you.

While creating, consider negative colors as well. While light colors are popular, there is a growing trend to use bold colors, especially when they include the three primary colors. This can often give an effect that is similar to comic themes and older motifs and really stands out with younger audiences.

3. Using Images and Illustrations

Adding images and illustrations to your web page is a great way to add some point of interest to draw the reader in. One way to do this is to use a black and white illustration with some textures involved.

This was the method of choice in the past when color print was not really available to most people. Today, these images can be created digitally. There is a slight difference between the two images, but it can still add some interest to the web page as well and is making its comeback for many companies. 

While you are at it, consider adding a black outline to the whole thing as well. Black outlines will separate out all the different components into their own spot on the page. These can be used as page dividers or grid boxes as needed. This is a simple and easy way to organize your page.

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Simple shapes should be used as much as possible. This is another 90s era trend that is showing up again. Simple shape motifs throughout the design can fit with a theme easier and will really help the viewer to focus on the most important part of the page rather than just the images without leaving it all blank.

Collage art is starting to make a comeback as well. If you need to showcase a lot of products that you want to sell to your customers. This will take you back to your days in school but will look amazing if it is done right.

Making a Great Website in the Modern Era

Silver Imac Displaying Collage Photos

When you are ready to design your first website, or you need to make some updates to an existing website, it is important to keep up with some of the latest trends in website design. This can help create a fantastic page that will stand out while drawing more customers in and helping you get more sales.

While these trends can make a difference in how you design the website, do not try to fit them all in on one page. This can leave a disjointed webpage that will turn visitors off. Try out a few of the trends above and see how they can help you create the best website possible.

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