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Types of Mobile Apps That Can Be Used As Marketing Tools

by on June 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

Every profession, including brand marketing, necessitates the use of a tool. The age of mobile devices demands something new, distinct from the tried-and-true TV, radio, and street banner advertisements. The tools that today’s brands demand are mobile branding apps.

In this article, we’ll look at several types of apps you can make for marketing your business. You can make a game app, or you can create your own loyalty card app, or you can also make an eCommerce app.  

Types of Mobile Branding Apps

Apps That Function As Tools

These applications provide features that assist users in completing a variety of tasks. They are primarily designed to collect data about the tasks that users complete and the outcomes of those tasks.

 It collects and analyzes information about customers’ requirements. This, once again, aids in the improvement of the service and is a significant step toward addressing the needs of users.

Can you think of some? The most well-known example of a successful branded app is Nike Running Club. Runners may use the app to track their distances, discuss their results on social media, keep track of their activity, and, of course, purchase new running shoes.

Games-Themed Apps

Game apps are highly interactive, allowing buyers to construct their own product from a variety of alternatives. Gamification concepts are effective for engaging users who receive wonderful benefits while playing and become devoted clients.

The finest example is the Domino’s Pizza Hero app. It appears to be a legitimate game: an app that allows you to make your own pizza. Users may mix ingredients, select sauces, chop cheese, and much more

Apps for Sales

These apps, as you might expect, are designed to sell products. At the very least, for preparing users to purchase them.

The IKEA Place app, for example, uses augmented reality to display and advertise the company’s items. It allows customers to try out new furniture in their homes to see if it fits properly. A terrific technique to deal with clients that are both profitable and non-intrusive.

Apps for Social Media

These apps are designed to promote a company’s name by using social media to establish its brand identity. Their major purpose is to popularise a specific brand and create a devoted user base.

Coca-Cola’s World of Coca-Cola Explorer app, for instance, invites users to take images of themselves, their friends, and their family. The app includes amusing frames, amazing effects and can be easily used. Furthermore, users can not only capture photos but also effortlessly share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social sharing helps to increase brand exposure and popularity.

The primary purpose of social applications is to increase brand awareness through social media.

Design-Related App

Good-looking mobile design always draws attention, and brand design applications are masters at capturing consumers’ attention. For instance, the Camper Weather app is a superb example of a visually appealing mobile design.

Every design element is well-crafted and in its proper position, and the interface responds to touches by emulating musical instruments. Camper, on the other hand, has nothing to do with meteorology; it’s a footwear company. 

It’s understandable that they don’t promote their posts on the site. The major goal was to demonstrate the theory underlying the proposition to clients, and that was it.

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