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3 Benefits of Using PPC for your business

by on July 22, 2021 in Business

Benefits of Using PPC for your business

Small businesses are facing a monumental task to recover from the impacts of the pandemic when the UK opens up on July 19thWhile many advertisers pulled spend in 2020, using PPC for a small business has many benefits. 

What is PPC?

In simple terms, PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is an advertising medium that digital marketers use to reach the right customers, on the right platforms, at the right time.

Typically, PPC ads use banners, pop-up ads and similar formats on websites. Through cookie tracking, PPC ads can effectively target audiences who are already interested in the product or service the marketer is trying to push. 

The biggest attraction of PPC is that it helps marketers monitor and utilise ad spend effectively. Instead of paying a lump sum to advertise, as in traditional advertising mediums, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. 

Additionally, marketers can set limits on how much they want to pay for each click helping them to further manage spend. 

Beyond budget management, here are three other benefits to using PPC for a small business. 

Audience targeting

When starting a PPC campaign, marketers can target ads to potential clients with an interest in the product or service they are promoting. This is done through targeted keywords and cookie data collected by websites about users’ interests. 

This pinpoint targeting often helps marketers generate a higher rate of clicks to the target landing page they have advertised. 

Rapid ROI

Unlike organic search rankings generated through SEO, PPC can provide a rapid return on investment. Well created and optimised paid ads typically go to the top of search results and to prominent banners on websites, providing instant visibility for marketing campaigns. 

A well optimised sales funnel from paid ads through to a conversion can therefore have a positive impact on sales and turnover for small businesses. A fully optimised PPC campaign can be achieved if you work with a dedicated PPC agency

Accurate analysis

Marketers can set clear, measurable targets and goals when starting a PPC campaign. One of the main benefits of PPC is that it allows marketers to accurately assess the performance of their campaigns. 

Whether it is measuring revenue generation, clicks, page visits and budget spend, the digital sales funnel gives marketers and small businesses a greater insight into campaign performance. 

For all small businesses that operate online, PPC is an essential part of a marketing strategy. When done well, a small business can reap the benefits.

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