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Banned Skittles Commercial video

by on January 28, 2022 in Best advertising story, Business

Everybody thought that the Skittles ‘Taste the Rainbow’ advert sounded a little crazy and now with this advert, Skittles has set a new standard by having the banned skittles commercial video go viral.

The newly married coupled ‘Newlyweds’, the commercial viral campaign is actually an elaborate parody that has no official connection to the confectionery brand whatsoever, yet considering the massive YouTube amounts of traffic the video clip has been receiving, we don’t imagine monthly Skittles sales will be negatively affected in any way significantly.

 The “NSFW” tag means ‘Not Safe For Work’, so be very careful if you open this at work I would recommend watching the advert wearing headphones; the Skittles “taste the rainbow” advert doesn’t show anything graphic, but you get the message with the great sound effects. There a quite a few grunts in the advert. 

Why was the online Skittles advert banned?

Skittles recently released the advert that was banned because their advertising team definitely crossed an invisible line trying to show viewers just how great it feels to have this legendary candy surging through you. 

Banned Skittles Commercial video

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