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5 Qualities to Look For When Choosing Local SEO Companies Near Me

by on March 25, 2022 in Business, Digital Marketing, SEO

Over 50% of all organic traffic begins with a search engine according to With search engine optimization (SEO), consumers will see your website first. Then, you can generate brand awareness and website traffic for your business.

SEO marketing can feel challenging without experience, though. Instead of going it alone, consider looking for local SEO companies near me.

Not sure which SEO agency to hire? Read on to discover the top qualities you need to prioritize finding during your search. 

1. Experience

After searching “local SEO companies near me,” you’re bound to come across a long list of options. Some SEO companies have more experience than others, though. Before choosing an agency, look into their history.

Determine how long the company has run and operated. Look for a team with years of experience helping businesses like yours.

Determine if they have industry-relevant experience, too. If they’ve helped a business within your niche, they’ll have a better understanding of your customers. These businesses will have an easier time helping you improve your rankings.

Make sure they have a local experience, too. Their understanding of the local market can boost your local SEO rankings. 

2. Reputation

Before choosing an SEO agency, look for online customer reviews. Reading reviews will help you learn more from business owners who were once in your shoes.

Look for an SEO marketing agency that has a strong professional reputation. These agencies have earned the trust of their clients. Chances are, they’re doing something right.

If you see a long list of complaints filed against the agency, strike them from your list. 

3. Strategy

About 30% of all mobile searches are related to location. How will the agency help you appear for those searches?

Ask the agency about its SEO marketing strategy. Determine how the agency will help you accomplish your goals.

Consider the different SEO marketing services the agency offers, too. For example, they might create content, build backlinks, or help you generate reviews. 

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The best SEO agency won’t use a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, they’ll create a customized local SEO strategy based on your objectives. 

4. Success

Ask each local SEO agency for case studies, too. Case studies can provide you with proof of their success.

Determine what key performance indicators they track to prove their success rate as well. For example, they might track rankings or website traffic.

Make sure the agency is capable of meeting your needs and expectations. 

5. Packages

Ask each SEO agency for an itemized list of their services. Compare your options to determine the average cost of local SEO services in the area. If one company’s pricing is too high or low, question why that is.

Make sure the company you choose suits your marketing budget.  

Rank Up: Look for Local SEO Companies Near Me Today

Not all local SEO companies near me have the same level of experience or expertise. Do your due diligence before partnering with an agency. Choose a team that can boost your local SEO rankings.

With their help, you can reach more customers than ever before.

Searching for more tips? You’re in the right place.

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