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Discover Micro-Influencers With Web Scraping 

by on April 25, 2022 in Best advertising story, Digital Marketing

Micro-Influencers With Web Scraping

A micro-influencer is someone with a social media presence more significant than an average person and uses their followers to promote products. Big brands prefer micro-influencers as they are a great way to provide authentic endorsement to their customers. Moreover, micro-influencers are most dominant in the fashion and beauty industry. To uncover the leading ones, you need to scrape their profile to extract their information. 

Ever wondered what are datacenter proxies? They help you mask your IP address and scale your scraping capabilities by initializing concurrent sessions to target websites. You should use them effectively for excellent connectivity and low cost. Datacenter proxies offer fast connection speed, low latency, and their suitability in the case when you have to hide your IPs make them advantageous. 

Using Web scraping to extract information

Information scraped from social media is, without a doubt, the most significant and most energetic dataset around human behavior. It brings social researchers and commerce specialists to brand unused openings to get people, bunches, and society and investigates the extraordinary riches covered in the information. It is also used to discover micro-influencers.

This may happen on any platform, and many people maintain blogs and websites. They do not have as much as celebrities, so they do not have as many celebrities. They have their targeted audience who have high engagement with them. They share their lifestyles, likes, dislikes, and recommend different products. 

For a business, it is important to build trust with consumers, which takes a lot of time, but it is important in this competitive market era. The micro-influencers can be approached for marketing your business. Micro-influencers are affordable as they do not take less money than their counterparts (celebrities). 

Finding local micro-influencers

If you want to find your local micro-influencers, you need to start seeing them by scanning social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. After finding people who influence your local surroundings, search for their social media niche, whether it is falling in your targeted audience or not. 

Use #Hashtags to find micro-influencers related to your field of interest. If you find some, then it is a massive success. Now you have to look for their Number of Following, Number of Followers, Following of Following, Instagram ID, #Post, Email, Certified Flag, # Like # Comment. 

Softwares for web scraping

There are different software available in the market for web scraping from other websites; you can use datacenter proxies to scale your scraping capabilities.  Some of them are mentioned below:


As one of the leading free, programmed web scratching devices within the advertise, Octoparse was created for non-coders to accommodate complicated web scratching occupations. The autonomous commerce web journal contains a positive reaction to the Octoparse item and administrations.

Outwit hub

It has an over-simplified realistic client interface, advanced scratching capacities, and acknowledgment of information structure. Outmaneuver Center began as a Firefox addon and has afterward turned into a downloadable App.


It empowers brands to discover significant micro-influencers from their businesses productively. It’ll assist you in learning influencers based on their group of onlookers’ data, performance data, and more. This guarantees that you just get the exact idea without taking as much time.

Some other software like buzz stream, zyte, and parsehub can be used to find a micro-influencer. 

How to approach micro-influencer 

After you have found a micro-influencer, you need to approach them. Now the question is how to approach them? You can follow them on social media sites first; then you need to like their posts and give influential comments on their posts or blogs. This will result in a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with the micro-influencer. 

If local influencers are interested in working with you, you need to develop a win-win proposal. Be sure to introduce yourself before suggesting, and then refer to some of the influencer’s recent works to show your appreciation for them.

Your potential micro-influencers may not come back to you right away, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to work with you. It is essential to understand that micro-influencers receive many emails from other companies, and it is difficult to reply to all emails. The best way is to wait a few days and send a follow-up email if you still don’t get a response.


Using web scraping to approach social media statistics is vital these days. It helps small business people find web influencers who can help them at a low cost compared to celebrities’ influencers. They are more approachable to the audience. And these days, they have more influence than the celebrities’ influencers. These web influencers have targeted an audience. Using a datacenter proxy to scale your scraping can help you boost your brand and outnumber your competitors. 

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