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3 reasons you need to enhance your customer data lists

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How do you handle bad data?

If your customer list isn’t regularly cleansed and enhanced, you could end up sending personalised emails or direct mail to the wrong person or an organisation that’s no longer around.

You may also find that emails sent to your email list are bounced back from servers, harming the deliverability of future campaigns.

A pattern of these interactions can lead to email filtering algorithms – and even your extended target audience and prospect network – viewing your business as less than professional.

More Than Words Marketing is a provider of customer data lists and marketing services, as well as data cleansing and enhancement.

We believe this is one of the most valuable and popular services we offer for three main reasons.

Reason 1: Data enhancement helps you to stay connected to your existing customers.

It’s a known fact in businesses that it is much easier to generate revenue if customers and decision makers already understand you, the value of your products and services, and how you care for them after their purchase.

Businesses can use enhanced data from their mailing list to integrate multichannel data – transforming data lists into valuable insights.

Ultimately, the ability to understand customers better allows businesses to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Reason 2: Data enhancement helps you to connect with potential customers

Although customer loyalty can be earned, it is inevitable that there will be some customer churn for any business. 

This means there is a clear imperative for businesses to continually add new customers.

You can more accurately predict how a customer will react to your marketing campaigns when you have more detailed data. 

Data appending adds previously unknown data to existing records and fills in incomplete records. It can be performed on existing B2B or consumer data lists, or on bought-in prospect lists.

Even basic details like location or demographic data on your customer marketing list can provide valuable insights.

Reason 3: Sales and marketing staff are frustrated by inaccurate and missing data

Your direct marketing and sales teams are the heart of your business.

Companies can’t exist without their sales and marketing departments generating enquiries and revenue.

A lack of accurate and complete data not only affects productivity but also affects the success of your team’s marketing effort.

In many cases, they end up contacting incorrect current customers, or failing to connect with a new customer base, because their contact information has not been updated when individuals have left a target company.

A lead’s value is transient.

Approximately two-thirds of your email addresses phone numbers will expire over the course of a year due to people moving, changing jobs, changing contact details, or retiring.

In an era where strict data protection regulations apply to all companies, lapses such as telemarketing to old phone numbers, or distributing personalised emails to the wrong recipients often result in compliance penalties.

The data preparation services offered by More Than Words Marketing provide clients with clean data for marketing and sales purposes.

Our data cleansing process consists of five main steps:

  1. Removing duplicate records
  2. Identify data errors 
  3. Finding and adding missing data
  4. Correcting field inaccuracies
  5. Providing a comprehensive, easy-to-read database

By validating data before launching a marketing campaign, you can ensure that your campaign reaches your target market, achieves maximum visibility and generates quality leads.

Furthermore, your sales team will save a lot of time and have more success when contacting prospects that are credible, reachable, and likely to convert.

Let More Than Words Marketing check your customer and prospect databases and update any missing or inaccurate information.

We’re available on 0330 010 8300, or you can email us directly on