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10 arguments to convince you to self-publish your book

We have 10 arguments to encourage you to self-publish your book. Still, in any case, we are carefully talking about self-publishing, editing on demand, guided by a professional publisher to ensure a result of professional quality. We are ready to convince you definitively, but how? Read this post, and at the end, we would like to know your opinion through the comments.

If you are a writer at a free essay writing service or a copywriter at some company, but all your dreams are about is to publish your own book, you have an exciting option to carry it out: self-publishing. We are not discussing editing your word book, correcting the work, and making your own designs to post your book on Amazon. It is not that. It is sending your manuscript to the publisher, receiving a reading report, making improvements on the original, and going hand in hand with the publishing house professionals to finish publishing and receiving help and advice on all legal, production, and marketing procedures. In short, it is to follow all the usual steps to publish a book, the same process of successful writers.

Sometimes, traditional publishers opt for well-known writers and leave aside new authors whose first project they want to bring to light. Thus, finding a publishing house that trusts us and gives our book a chance takes time and effort. However, there are other ways.

Reach for your dreams

No one is going to tell you, “Come on! I will fulfill your dreams”. Never. It’s up to you to work. That’s why it’s time to sit down and think about your goal. Find the path, map out the strategy, and start working on careful self-publishing.

The first step is confidence and self-confidence. To publish a book, you must be sure you are good at writing and have quality material. With that confidence, we know that your work will have readers, and no one can tell you otherwise. You deserve a chance, and who better to give it to you than yourself? Of course, you will have to put in a lot of work, but it is much more valuable when the road is hard.

Reasons for self-publishing

You don’t need anyone’s approval to do it

Forget “It’s not what we’re looking for.” “Sorry, it doesn’t fit our style”. You know your project has everything it needs to succeed, and no one will get it wrong. Go for it, trust in yourself, and look for success. It is true that in self-publishing, not just any book will do, but if there are shortcomings in your case, you will receive a reading report with proposals to improve your literary work.

You are in charge: you decide

You don’t have to follow the market’s line, nor do you have to follow a script. Your project is yours. The self-publishing publishing house will recommend you and advise you based on the sector’s success stories, but every step will need your consent. It is to go hand in hand like a big family where everyone contributes their bit. You will be the one to give the final approval. You will have control of everything, and spaces for dialogue will be opened to clarify what you want and how is the book of your dreams. Your book is yours from start to finish. Although a publishing house guides the process, it is still self-publishing.

It can be a first step as a writer

The writing life is too beautiful to stay at home waiting for a traditional publishing house. What if you manage to succeed with your self-published book? Why not. No one can know you if you don’t showcase yourself. Publishing a book also helps your brand, helps them know you, locate you, and want you to be on their teams.

Self-publishing is very easy

Just start by sending your manuscript to the self-publishing publisher. From there, they will guide you through all the steps to self-publish.

Book price

You will earn more than with traditional publishing, at least more percentage. Profit percentages vary. With your self-published book, you earn 100% of the paper copies you buy and sell directly, and the rate is still higher for the paper sold in bookstores and digital format.

Longer life for your book

Although it will no longer be a novelty in a few years, some self-publishing publishers work with print-on-demand, meaning your book will always be alive. No bookstore will remove it from their website. You

simply decide how long you will extend your book’s promotion.

100% Marketing

Your book is exclusive, and be careful because this has a lot of deception. You will have support in the marketing and communication of your book from the publisher, but what you will need are limits to organizing the number of presentations you want, where you want, and doing all the necessary promotion on your social networks. In addition, innovation and originality will be in your favor. Think about how to promote your book and carry out the actions you want to carry out.

Independence and experience

As a consumer, you know well what readers are looking for. Sometimes traditional publishers also have other interests, especially economic ones, so they take different risks than you would like.

Publishing a book with print-on-demand

Although we have talked about this before, it deserves another section. In the case of self-publishing, you decide whether you want an initial print run of X copies, print-on-demand or just an ebook—no need to follow strict rules and risk an investment that may not be recoverable later on. In addition, print-on-demand is available for international distribution in 15 countries worldwide.

An achievement in your life

Finally and most importantly: you are going to fulfill your dream. After months of work, headaches, and sacrifice, your dream has finally come true. The self-publishing of your book is ready. A part of you has materialized in a literary work. A cover and an interior full of passion, experiences, learning and days of effort. It’s all worth it for your self-publishing project.