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All Times Most Liked Video on TikTok – Top 10 List

From dance challenge videos to mini vlogs, funny videos to informative ones, TikTok is home to every kind of different video content. TikTok users from all around the world are sharing millions of videos every day, and today, it is predicted that there are more than 100 billion videos on TikTok. But sure, only a little part of that shines out in the crowd.

The list of those most liked videos will surprise you. If you’re wondering who has the most liked video on TikTok, hold on tight! Here’s the top 10 list of the most viral videos.

1- Bella Poarch Lip Syncing to the Song ‘M to the B’

– 62.7 Million Likes

The winner of the top 10 list is Bella Poarch, with her lip-sync video to British rapper Millie B’s ‘M to the B’ song. This viral video broke that record in 2020; she has kept her seat since then. She is still far ahead of other most-liked TikTok videos with her like count, and she earned that 62.6 million likes by just bopping her head and lip-syncing.

2- Dancing and Lip Syncing Video by Jamie Big Sorrel Horse

– 52.1 Million Likes

Number two on our list is Jamie Big Sorrel Horse, a.k.a. @jamie32bsh, with his dancing and lip-syncing video to Nelly Furtado’s ‘Say It Right’. His positive energy and little dance performance earned him 52.1 million likes, making this video viral on social media. Soon, people copied his dance in their bathrooms, using the same song. Those copycat videos also helped him acquire that fame, too.

3- Franek Bielak’s Mouth Drawings

– 51.6 Million Likes

17-year-old artist Franek Bielak impresses mass audiences with his exceptional drawing skills. The young TikToker uses his social media account to showcase his art and skills. Within hundreds of drawings, this video brought him the most likes and made him third on the list. He was inspired by a highly liked video from another TikTok user and drew glossy and high-colored mouths.

4- Nick Luciano’s Parody Video

– 50.2 Million Likes

Nick Luciano generally shows his country life in his TikTok videos or makes parodies. This one was one of those parodies, but this time it went viral. He was trying to get more than 5.5 million likes, just like the original video he parodied, but he probably didn’t expect to get that many.

5- David Allen’s Dancing Parody to ‘Stay’

– 45.1 Million Likes


Here’s another viral video with another parody. David Allen uses his TikTok account actively with different content. He parodies a woman’s TikTok video in this video, shaking her bottom to the Kid Laroi song “Stay”. While he’s shocked to see her get 3.2 million likes with her dance, he got ahead of her with 45.1 million likes.

6- Suave by Mona Gonzales

– 41 Million Likes


And here comes the sixth-most-liked TikTok video. Mona Gonzales is a 29-year-old Philippine-based musician who makes TikTok videos of her singing. Her pure voice and singing performance attracted millions and earned their likes. In this video, she’s singing ’Suave’ by El Alfa, with the caption “It’s time to wake up the neighbors.

Her performance of ’Suave’ got her more than millions of TikTok likes. After that performance, she and another popular TikToker, ’The Gadget,’ released a remix of that same song.

7- Billie Eilish’s First Video on TikTok

– 40.8 Million Likes

Of course, Billie doesn’t need any further effort to get more likes on TikTok, as she is already a popular and well-loved singer. She proved it with the performance of her first video on TikTok. She joined TikTok in November 2020; this video was the first she posted. She is having fun using a time warp scan filter in this video.

8- Dog Too Stunned to Speak by Adrian Chateau

– 40.6 Million Likes

Adrian Chateau Wiles went viral using the original sound of another TikToker, ’Savvy’. With this sound, people were filming their dogs while barking at them and seeing their reaction.

This was Adrian’s first TikTok video, and it brought her huge success. Her dog’s reaction was so funny that 40.6 million people rewarded her with their likes, making this video the eighth of the most-liked videos on TikTok.

9- Peeling a Banana by Khaby Lame

– 37.9 Million Likes

Khabane Lame usually ridicules absurd life hack videos in which the shown life hack is impractical. His videos start with some users claiming to do something easily. He then shows what could be done instead, with his signature facial impression implying that this doesn’t make sense. This unique content idea made him popular and brought him many followers and millions of likes.

His banana video was one of those liked videos; indeed, this is his most liked TikTok video. He mocks with a video using a knife to peel bananas. It looks like this made 37.9 million people laugh and relate.

10 – Cat Pawing at the Camera by British Promise Cats

– 37.4 Million Likes

Well, apparently you don’t have to be necessarily a ’human’ to be popular on TikTok! The account ’British Promise Cats’ posts cute cat videos regularly because why not? Who doesn’t like those adorable videos? Honestly, it didn’t surprise us for a cat video to rank among one of the most liked TikTok videos.

This little friend is trying to reach something with its little paws. It’s effort, and it’s cuteness made this the tenth most-liked video on TikTok.


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