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Beginner’s Guide on Choosing Your First Vape Device

Embarking on your vaping journey can feel overwhelming, but with the right guidance, it becomes much simpler. Selecting your first vape device is crucial, and RELX offers some of the best options for beginners. In this guide, we’ll explore the essentials of vaping and highlight why RELX devices are a top choice for novices.

Understanding Vape Devices

When you’re starting to know vape, it’s crucial to grasp the basics of vape devices. These tools transform e-liquid into vapor. They come in various shapes and sizes, each with features and benefits. Here are some possible considerations to choose your first vaping device. 

Consider Your Nicotine Needs

As a beginner venturing into the world of RELX vape devices, it’s crucial to understand your nicotine needs. RELX offers a range of nicotine strengths in their devices, from 0% up to 5%.

If you’re a light smoker, starting with a lower level, like 3%, could be right for you. On the other hand, if you’ve been smoking heavily and are looking to quit, opting for the higher strength of 5% might be more suitable. But remember, there’s no rush – take your time to find out what works best for you.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

Smoker TypeRecommended Nicotine Strength 

It’s all about knowing your vape and finding that sweet spot that suits your needs. So, explore different strengths until you find one that feels comfortable.

Choose a Beginner-Friendly Device

Selecting the right vaping device as a beginner doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s all about finding something simple, reliable, and designed with beginners in mind. I’ll introduce you to two popular vape devices that fit this bill – the RELX Infinity Plus and the RELX Breeze.

The RELX Infinity Plus

The RELX Infinity Plus stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly features. This device boasts of a sleek design, easy-to-fill pods, and an intuitive draw-activated firing mechanism – simply inhale from the mouthpiece, no buttons involved! It uses pre-filled pods available in various flavors. 

Here are some key specifications:

Battery Capacity380mAh
Pod Capacity1.9ml

Remember though, while it’s straightforward to use, don’t forget to charge it regularly so you’re never caught off guard!

The RELX Breeze

Next up is the RELX Breeze which also makes an excellent choice for beginners. This compact device offers a comfortable grip and comes with leak-resistant technology that ensures your e-liquid stays exactly where it should be – in your pod not on your hands or pockets!

What sets this one apart is its innovative Freshness Control Technology which allows users to adjust their vaping experience according to preference. You can choose between three different power levels: Soft Mode for a milder hit; Normal Mode for balanced flavor; or Strong Mode if you prefer more intense vapor production.

Key specifications include:

Battery Capacity350mAh
Pod Capacity2ml

Again, keep this device charged up so it’s ready when you are.

Look for Safety Features

In the world of vapes, safety is paramount. RELX devices come equipped with built-in features that prioritize your well-being. These include short-circuit protection and overcharging protection. Short-circuit protection prevents any unwanted electrical current flow between two or more different paths, ensuring you’re safe from potential accidents. Overcharging protection, on the other hand, ensures that your device doesn’t receive more electric charge than it can handle.

Moreover, these devices use high-quality pods free from harmful substances found in cigarettes. Their ingredients are FDA-approved—another testament to their commitment to safety.

When choosing a vape as a beginner, knowing these safety features exist gives peace of mind and assures a hassle-free vaping experience.

Vape Pod Kits

Diving right in, let’s explore vape pod kits. These are a popular choice for beginners wanting to know more about vaping. They’re compact, easy-to-use devices that transition smoothly from traditional smoking.

Pod kits come in two types: open and closed systems. Open systems allow you to refill the pods with any e-liquid you choose, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and nicotine strengths. In contrast, closed system pods come pre-filled with e-liquid and can’t be refilled.

Vape Starter Kits

When entering the vaping world, beginners often find themselves at a crossroads. The variety of devices can be overwhelming. But don’t fret! Starter kits are your best bet for learning about vaping and its intricacies.

Vape starter kits provide everything you need in one package, so assembling various components is unnecessary. These kits typically include a mod, tank, coils, replacement parts, and an instruction manual to guide you through the process. It’s like getting a quick crash course into vaping without any prerequisites.


Choosing your first vape device can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Starting your vaping journey with a user-friendly device can make the transition smooth and enjoyable. Innovative designs, like those found in many starter kits, offer simplicity and effectiveness, perfect for beginners. These devices often come with features like built-in safety measures and a variety of flavor-filled pods to suit every preference. Understanding your nicotine needs and the benefits of beginner-friendly devices helps ensure you make an informed choice. With customizable options and reliable performance, vaping can provide a satisfying alternative to smoking. Dive in, explore the possibilities, and find the perfect device to start your journey.