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A challenge : Donating some talent and expertise to the charity of your choice

Paul Skinner of Pimp My Cause contacted theMarketingblog …”Thought you might be interested in a new platform that has been set up to support marketers in making a positive societal contribution by donating some talent and expertise to the charity of their choice. 

The project is called Pimp My Cause – – is completely free to use, and allows you to quickly and easily find an exciting project to get involved with in whatever capacity you choose. We can also help make introductions, and share the insights from any work you get involved in by promoting your achievements.

We’ve been featured in the Guardian ( ), Brand Republic and the Big Society”

If readers have any questions you can always contact or even give him a call on 07595 383 022.

An update on Pimp My Cause

 Pimp My Cause was launched this month to link strategists, advertisers, web designers and other marketers with good causes. The free service allows professionals and organisations to register their interests.

Alex Epstein, who featured in series 6 of BBC TV’s The Apprentice, helped launch the site with a partnership to provide brand management strategy to UK Youth. John Marsden director of venture capital fund managers, Innvotec, and strategic planning guru Aladin, are among the other advisors. The site already has over 200 members, including 80 charities and voluntary groups.

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