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Wayne Townsend discusses – “The true distinctions between cross-channel and multi-channel marketing”

 Cross-Channel and Multi-Channel Marketing: One and the Same?  


Though the terms ‘cross-channel’ and ‘multi-channel’ are often used synonymously, they are not the same thing, and savvy marketers understand the distinction.

Multi-channel marketing is the basic ability of a marketing organisation to deliver a message to any number of channels: email, direct mail, call center, social, and web. 

Cross-channel marketing, by contrast, is the ability for that same marketing organisation to plan and orchestrate an integrated, interactive customer dialogue across those same delivery channels.

In this presentation, CEO of ClickSquared, Wayne Townsend will discuss:

  1.  The true distinctions between cross-channel and multi-channel marketing;
  2. The benefits and strengths of a cross-channel versus multi-channel strategy;
  3. The capabilities of a cross-channel marketing platform versus a multi-channel one;
  4. Cross-channel marketing in action – in-depth case studies on East Coast Mainline Trains and the New England Patriots.

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WHEN:         Wednesday 29th February 2012 at 16:00

WHERE:         CRM and Multi-channel Theatre, TFM&A 2012, Earls Court 2, London

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