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Marketing Answers & Solutions / All the people who touch your social graph, you may want to connect with – and why = Nimble CRM

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Marketing Answers are established CRM specialists who have been advising clients on the best CRM solutions for over 14 years.  This depth of experience, together with their long term perspective for their clients means  that many of the 300+  clients have been with MAS for many years.  MAS portfolio of established CRM Brands gives clients confidence that the can advise on the best CRM choice for their business

Nimble aims to bring greater insight to every contact. A contact is no longer a flat, static, business-card-like record of contact details that your sales person types in, the company says, but instead functions as a dynamic dashboard of social insight about the contact. Nimble has integrated with Foursquare for location engagement and shows shared connections from your social graph.

Contact Marketing Answers about Nimble

All about Nimble

The name of the product is “Nimble CRM,” but the “CRM” part is almost a misnomer — if you accept the traditional sales-marketing-service definition of CRM, that is.

nimble crm

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A startup that launched early last year, Nimble CRM chooses to embrace a morphing view of CRM. This is a view of CRM driven by social media, by mobile computing — and most of all, by savvy contact management and networking. The focus on contacts is what drives the application’s development, as can be seen in a recent upgrade to its functionality. “What we do is surface opportunities for engagement, showing the user who, out of all the people who touch your social graph, you may want to connect with — and why — and if you do connect with him or her, what you should say,” Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara told CRM Buyer.

Nimble 2.0 Debuts

Earlier this month, Nimble rolled out version 2.5 of its app, with more functionality built around its focus on contact management.

It added support for Facebook business pages and Google+. It also debuted a new unified social notification technology that consolidates Likes, comments, friend invites and other social interactions. These social media channels were available via the application before — but users had to go to five separate tabs to use them.

Nimble 2.0 has an improved user interface for its contact record, with a similar unified theme. All related messages, activities, deals and so on from the live social stream are displayed. Integration with HubSpot supports closed-loop marketing. The addition of Foursquare integration is important because Nimble prides itself on its strong social discovery functionality, Ferrara said.

A Rapportive widget allows users to integrate outside email, such as Gmail, into Nimble. The user hovers the mouse over an email address in a thread and the contact details appear in the widget. If the contact isn’t already in the Nimble CRM system, it can easily be added.

Finally, the company added customer search across all areas of Nimble. “That allows users to slice and dice records based on what is being said,” noted Ferrara.

Next Step, Integration

Nimble’s next iteration will include an API that can be used to extend the platform. “We hope to see more integration with leading sales, accounting, marketing and other related tools,” said Ferrara. Nimble is also working to widen its mobile footprint, he added. There is an app for the iPad, and Nimble hopes to roll out mobile apps for the iPhone and Android soon.

“We have added a lot key things that enable the user to discover, engage and collaborate with contacts and sources behind the scenes,” said Ferrara.

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  • Dan - November 12, 2012

    As an easy CRM tool you can use this application:

    You can use it to manage up to 30.000 contacts and keep track of your deals and communications with them. Other features include Cases and Tasks.

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