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‘Nielsen Online Brand Effect’ US users have generated an average 30% higher brand lift

Today sees the UK launch of Nielsen’s Online Brand Effect – which enables advertisers to see the effect of their online campaigns on classic ‘brand lift’ metrics in real time:

  1. “Measuring an ad’s impact once the campaign is over is too late.”
  2. In the US, those using OBE to change their campaigns ‘in-flight’ have generated an average 30 percent higher brand lift
  3. This follows Nielsen’s acquisition of Vizu, whose ad effectiveness solution has been combined with other Nielsen capabilities to form the basis of the new offering
  4. In the US, ValueClick and Undertone offer advertisers/agencies brand lift guarantees based on data using Vizu (now Nielsen Online Brand Effect)
  5. Leading global ad network Exponential already on board in UK
  6. This rollout complements the recent UK launch of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which measures how accurately online ad campaigns reach their target audience – i.e. OCR measures ‘reach’; OBE measures ‘resonance’

Nielsen, a global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, is today announcing the UK rollout of Nielsen Online Brand Effect – a measurement and optimisation solution which allows advertisers, agencies and publishers to evaluate the resonance of their online campaigns with audiences in real time.

The system uses classic ‘brand lift’ metrics – improvements in awareness, attitude, favourability, purchase intent, or preference – to quantify the resonance of branded ads.

It also identifies which attributes of an ad are driving performance, including creative execution, site delivery and impact of frequency of exposure. This is all done in real time, giving stakeholders the chance to optimise and make changes in flight to increase campaign performance.

“Ideally, brand advertisers would never spend a dollar on advertising they don’t measure and optimise,” explains Nielsen European lead for advertising solutions Claudia Pardo. “Now, Nielsen Online Brand Effect gives the industry the tools to measure and optimise many more online advertising campaigns than previously feasible. The underlying technology ensures the solution is easy to deploy and manage, making it cost-effective enough to be used on the majority of campaigns.”

She continues: “Measuring an ad’s impact once the campaign is over is too late. To gain the greatest benefit, advertisers, their agencies and online publishers need to understand the reach and resonance of their ads at each and every step of the campaign – they can then adjust the plan while there’s still time to make a real difference. The boost to brand lift can be significant.”

Alistair Smith, global insight manager at the Financial Times, said: “Our use of Online Brand Effect studies on behalf of a number of global advertising clients has helped us demonstrate the effectiveness of in building and improving brand awareness with an influential business audience. Having previously relied heavily on click-through rates, the tool allows advertisers to see an immediate response to their branding campaigns.”

Nielsen Online Brand Effect

Nielsen Online Brand Effect is also available in the US and Australia. In the US, publishers using the system’s unique collaborative optimisation process with advertisers and agencies have generated on average 30 percent higher ‘brand lift’ for their sites.

Doug Conely, senior director, global data and targeting from Exponential, a leading international ad network explains: “We’ve been using this technology in the US for several years now to maximise brand lift for the advertisers we work with, delivering results that consistently exceed market benchmarks and boost our sales efforts. We’re excited to start employing real-time optimisation of brand lift metrics for our UK-based advertisers also.”

The launch of Nielsen Online Brand Effect follows the company’s acquisition in July 2012 of Vizu, a market leader in real-time brand-impact-and-optimisation measurement online. Vizu’s ad effectiveness solution has been combined with other Nielsen capabilities to form the basis of the new offering.

Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings

This rollout complements the October UK launch of Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which measures the ability of online ad campaigns to reach their intended audiences.

Pardo again: “Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings has been launched to measure reach, frequency and GRPs for online campaigns of any size; Nielsen Online Brand Effect has been launched to measure resonance. The combination of these two solutions now allows advertisers, publishers and agencies to understand if they are reaching their intended audience with the right message, and to optimise in real time, all within a single suite.”

The UK launch of Nielsen Online Brand Effect is just the latest in Nielsen’s ongoing commitment to deliver end-to-end, cross-platform advertising measurement solutions worldwide.

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