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Women for Women : “What businesses really need are the feminine strengths; particularly listening, nurturing and creativity”

Naomi Simson writes …. Is there really a glass ceiling or do women sometimes need to get out of their own way – or perhaps a bit of both?

In  the early days women had to be dramatic to be noticed and taken  seriously: in fact as women forged careers in the later part of the last  century they would often use their masculine traits – ie to play men at  their own game. Whether they were comfortable with doing this who  knows… but what businesses really need are the feminine strengths;  particularly listening, nurturing and creativity.

I am proud to bring my female traits to my role as entrepreneur.

Yet  regularly I’m asked to comment on what are seen as ‘issues’ facing  women in business. I know that I personally am focused on results as  well as being empathetic and generous. As I have aged I also think I  have become more self-assured and assertive. As a young woman in  business I wish someone had taken me aside and shared the following:


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