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Martini Media UK sees 4x revenue growth, reaches more £50K+ earners

Martini Media announced record growth in the UK in 2012.  With the addition of key publishing partners, the expansion of its B2B and luxury brand portfolio, and significant new hires, Martini Media’s UK division saw revenues grow by 4x in 2012.

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Martini Media established a UK footprint with its acquisition of The Digital Partnership (TDP), the UK’s only business-to-business (B2B) online advertising network, in 2011.  Since the acquisition, the UK business has expanded its publisher network to include a variety of highly engaging web sites organised across multiple lifestyle and business categories.  Martini Media’s diverse publishing partners have been carefully selected to include those with engaging content, the ability to run high-impact rich media, and those indexing high for reaching AB1 professionals with household incomes over £50K.

Per December 2012 comScore data, Martini Media’s UK network has a greater reach to professionals earning over £50K than The Economist, The Telegraph and other top-tier media companies in the UK. Martini Media’s network spans the ‘traditional’ web as well as the mobile web, providing opportunities to advertise in newer, brand-friendly rich media formats across computers, smartphones and tablets.

Despite a challenging UK economy, advertising on the internet and mobile phones increased by 12.6% to a record six-month high of £2.59 billion in the first half of 2012– up by over £294 million from £2.30 billion in the first half of 2011, according to the latest Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB) advertising expenditure report, conducted by PwC.  The outlook for 2013 is equally positive, led by the growth of rich media, video, and mobile.  Martini Media, one of the first to adopt IAB’s Rising Stars rich media ad units, will continue to leverage these engaging ad formats to help its clients reach the most valuable audience, at scale.

Integrating premium content within these rich media ad units will be a central focus in 2013.  With the lines between paid, owned, and earned media becoming blurred, it’s crucial for marketers to find more cost-effective and impactful means of engaging consumers.  As a result, content marketing has quickly become a key part of the marketing mix.  Martini Media will announce several key content partnerships in the coming months.

“We are extremely excited about these new partnerships,” said Matt Gower, European MD Martini Media. “These initiatives will help the world’s top brands increase their reach into digital audiences with the greatest buying power – those earning over £50,000 a year – both at work and at. The integration of premium publisher content into the Rising Star advertising units has dramatically improved engagement rates for our advertisers and continues to drive value and revenue for our publishing partners.”

In support of the company’s growth, Martini Media announced that well-known executives, Kate Morgan and Sonia Srivastava, have joined the company as well. Ms. Morgan, formerly Head of Advertising Operations from Mindshare, is responsible for Advertising Operations across Europe. Ms. Srivastava, who joined the company from the Financial Times, serves as an Account Director helping build the European-based advertisers for Martini Media.


About Martini Media

Martini Media is the digital media and content platform for engaging the audience with the most money and influence online. With more than 1,000 publishers organised across multiple lifestyle and business verticals, Martini Media has helped the world’s leading brands reach over 125 million consumers across the globe that invest in their passions at work and play.

Martini Media’s full-service marketing capabilities encompass display, video, mobile, social, and audience targeting to effectively engage the most valuable audience online at scale. Since 2008, Martini Media has been the premier media destination where influence meEets affluence. Headquartered in San Francisco, Martini Media has offices in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and London.

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