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7 ways to predict if your marketing will fail this year / StrategyMix Blog

Your marketing probably has one primary objective: to increase sales.

This blog contains 7 “early warning signs” that you can look for in your business to predict whether your marketing is more likely to fail than succeed this year.

As you read through this blog, you should also consider your marketing for the last 6 months. This is because your best predictor of the future is often your immediate past. As you read through these “early warning signs”, you might ask yourself if you could also have detected these “tell tale” indicators some 6 months ago.

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These are your early warning signs:

(1) Limited marketing schedule

The most obvious and common reason for marketing failure is simply a lack of marketing.

For marketing to be effective it must be consistent. Stop-start marketing where you run a campaign every other month, with a half hearted, tick the box, we tried approach, simply does not work.

So, to predict your marketing success, you just need to review your marketing schedule for the next 4 months? What does it look like?

If you have less than 6 marketing activities in the next 4 months, then you can predict that your marketing will fail this year, due to a lack of consistency and momentum.

(2) Insufficient Marketing Content

Marketing content is like coal in a steam train. Without it, your lead generation engine will come to a grinding halt. For your marketing to succeed, you need a good “stockpile” of white papers, case studies, animated videos and blog articles to feed the machine.

Having just one or two white papers, for instance, is not going to cut it. So when you look at your “stockpile” of marketing content, what do you see?

If the answer is “not a lot” or “not enough”, you can predict that your marketing will fail this year.


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  1. Can I add insufficient budget into the mix, which is often a corollary of the stop-start marketing approach you refer to. It’s vital to have an allocated budget which is spread across the year, not ad hoc events.

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