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BETDAQ declares ‘turf war’ on Betfair as it takes its tanks to the Grand National

With the Grand National round the bend, Ladbrokes-owned exchange Betdaq gets in touch with the revelation that it will tomorrow drive military vehicles up to Aintree to wage turf war on its rival Betfair’s “premium” prices.

That’s right, Betdaq is – literally – parking its tanks on Betfair’s lawn.

BETDAQ, the global betting exchange, will park its tanks firmly on rival Betfair’s lawn ahead of the Grand National on Saturday as it continues its Purple Revolution.

Flanked by an army of BETDAQ foot soldiers, the two white and purple twenty-foot-long military tanks will be an unmissable sight at Aintree as they patrol outside the course, warning punters off Betfair’s expensive premium charges and high commission rates.

The people’s exchange, which was recently taken over by Ladbrokes, is outlining the eight-point BETDAQ Manifesto it drafted in response to customer feedback.

The Manifesto includes the promise of hundreds of pounds worth of free bets for new clients, a commission-free first month of trading and a commitment to keep rates low forever, along with a policy not to implement premium charges.

“The people have spoken and it’s clear they won’t settle for Betfair. The BETDAQ Manifesto is here to give them a better, fairer deal. We are making a simply unbeatable commitment to our members,” said BETDAQ Managing Director Lewis Findlay. “With zero commission and hundreds of pounds of free bets for new customers, there is no reason to bet with anyone else on the Grand National. We’re taking our tanks to Aintree – as far as we’re concerned we’ve declared a turf war on our rival, more expensive exchanges!”


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