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“Saturday Farm will bring viewers a taste of farm life and fare” / Tetley Estate Selection

Tetley has announced today that its new premium black tea brand, Estate Selection is to sponsor ITV1’s new Saturday morning programme, Saturday Farm which makes its debut this weekend (20th April).

Estate Selection, a new blend of tea, handpicked at altitude for the most intense flavour, launched to the public in February this year and this exciting partnership is the piece of marketing support for the brand.

Every Saturday morning Saturday Farm will bring viewers a taste of farm life and fare. Presented by father and son chefs Dick and James Strawbridge, from Daylesford, an organic farm in the Cotswold, each episode will capture the bounty of the changing seasons with inspirational recipes and give a glimpse of rural life.

The brand partnership is a perfect fit as Estate Selection is 100% natural and carefully hand-picked at altitude from some of the finest tea estates in the foothills of Mount Kenya in the Great Rift Valley region, where the high altitude creates the most sparkle and intense flavour.

The sponsorship runs for 21 weeks every Saturday morning (8.25am-9.25am) until the 7th September. The deal was brokered by MediaVest with content produced by ITN.

High quality organic products

Michelle Colley, Senior Brand Manager at Tetley commented, ‘We are really excited to announce Estate Selection’s sponsorship of Saturday Farm. Daylesford Farm prides itself on the high quality organic products they produce, so this partnership is a perfect fit for our newest blend, Estate Selection, which is specially selected from small scale tea estates providing some of the finest teas from the foothills of mount Kenya. We look forward to working with ITV over the coming months.’

Mandy Cross, Account manager at MediaVest, said: ‘When ITV brought the Saturday Farm sponsorship to market, we knew this offered a great opportunity for Estate Selection. In addition to Saturday mornings being highly relevant as a peak shopping time, the sponsorship is a great fit due to premium black tea drinkers having a higher propensity to purchase organic and quality produce, which is the subject of Saturday Farm.’

And Anne Bailey, Head of Sponsorship at ITV Breakfast added ‘We are delighted to have Tetley Estate Selection as sponsors of Saturday Farm. The programme will ease viewers into their weekends with a glimpse of rural farm life in all its rich varieties and what better way to do it than with a quality cuppa!’

6 thoughts on ““Saturday Farm will bring viewers a taste of farm life and fare” / Tetley Estate Selection”

  1. WHERE ARE THE RECIPIES? Came onto the internet to find the recipies featured in the programme on Saturday 20th April 2013. I was unable to find them.

  2. Evelyn Graydon

    watched part of your program, saturday 20/04/2013, enjoyed it , espeically ( spelt wrong) the cooking, now i would like to be able to get the recipes, how or were can i find them. can you help please, your apple cobbler looks really tastey,
    Many Thanks,
    Evelyn Graydon

  3. i watch saturday for 20/04/2013 and really liked the look of the apple cobbler but also cant find the recipe please can you tell me where to find it thanks

  4. Tim,

    Thanks for solving this ‘recipe mystery’.

    The announcer could have said that was the case instead of a ‘bleak’ “there are no recipes available”. Poor show from either ITV or the producers.

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