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Successfully road testing a new lead generation platform from StrategyMix / Will Corry, theMarketingblog

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I love it when a ‘leads result’ plan comes together.

I have been road testing a new lead generation platform called StrategyMix for about two months now. The results have been excellent.

I increased the prospects in my sales funnel by 37%  (May2013)- and of greater importance I was up 15% on my average monthly client billing for the month. That’s why I am giving an early ***** to StrategyMix.  It works when it comes to results.

A big word of thanks also to Marcus de Guingand, General Manager, StrategyMix UK. His help, enthusiasm and guidance made a lot of difference. Having  had a very poor experience with the service levels of Constant Contact-  it was very encouraging to get this extra level of interest etc, from Marcus. Will Corry, theMarketingblog

StrategyMix Enterprise is designed for…

Larger Companies looking for a higher performance marketing system, can market to multiple countries in most languages and can be customised to their specific needs.

StrategyMix Enterprise is hosted on a dedicated server and can include up to 50 sub-systems.

All sub-systems include the following modules:

Email Marketing
Send unlimited emails with full email tracking and unrivalled deliverability.

Landing Pages
Demonstrate your thought leadership through white papers, case studies, webinars and seminars
and manage the associated registrations with confirmation emails in real-time.

Profile Surveys
Use Progressive Profiling for lead Scoring, to priorities your sales resources so that they focus
on ONLY your best leads. Profile surveys will also uncover prospect needs, business priorities and feed this actionable marketing intelligence to your sales team in real-time.

Dynamic TeleSales
Manage integrated telemarketing campaigns using auto-dialing, comprehensive agent monitoring
including pre-call, in-call and post-call statistics to achieve superior performance in lead follow-up and qualification.

Logical Campaigns
Run multi-channel (email, phone, direct mail) automated lead nurturing campaigns according to the principles of the Buyers Journey.

Web Analytics
Track unknown and identified visitors on your web site, send email alerts to your Sales Team when identified prospects visit pre-selected, high value, web pages, calculate ROI on your Google Adword and Social Media Campaigns.

Manage Opportunities, Forecasts, Products and Price Books in a simple to use, low cost system.

Key Benefits

  • Closed loop marketing system. Send emails, manage registrations including confirmation emails via embedded forms on your web site
  • Provide your Sales Team with evidence-based, highly qualified leads in real-time though Progressive Profiling, Lead Scoring and Response Points
  • Integrate Web Analytics with TeleSales, so that a visitor to your web site is automatically placed in a follow-up telemarketing campaign
  • Manage sophisticated multi-channel lead nurturing campaigns to recycle leads which are not yet “Sales Ready”
  • Simple to use, extremely cost effective solution

Marcus de Guingand, General Manager, StrategyMix UK

Tel: 0845 686 0022



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  • Andrew Hollis - June 27, 2013

    Congratulations on your work. Testing for lead generations is not easy. It requires a lot of analytics but great that you were able to pull it off. Keep up the good work.

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