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Email remarketing case study : We sent this email to a group of 25 people – we were able to save more than 16 bookings

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Case Study from Hurtigruten Email remarketing is powerful!

People who abandon your online order process almost purchased from you. Research shows that on average, you have 90 minutes to contact the customer if you want to complete the sale. Otherwise, they are likely to forget about you or shop elsewhere.

At Hurtigruten, we received a copy of every online booking to our mailbox. This helped us quickly see which cruises were selling, where the bookings came from, average number of passengers, etc. Having copies of the booking also gave us access to see when a booking was started but not finished.

More information on remarketing emails.

The online booking process offers visitors the chance to book online but with the option of not paying immediately. Once a booking was made, an automated email was sent informing them that the booking would be canceled within 48 hours if no payment was received.

We changed this, and on the second day, we started sending personalized emails from our own mailbox informing the customer that we were extending the period from 48 hours to 72 hours, giving them an extra day to make the first payment.

remarketing email 4 Quick Conversion Rate Tips That Increased Online Sales by $500,000

We sent this email to a group of 25 people, who were chosen at random and we were able to save more than 16 bookings, which led to us saving more than $50,000 in online sales.



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  • Dennis Brown - November 29, 2013

    Interesting case study, thanks for sharing it Will.

    Two questions come to mind though…

    Firstly, “more than 16” bookings were saved; does that mean it was 17, or 16 and a bit..?!

    Secondly, what portion of the remaining advance bookings converted naturally, ie that weren’t in the 25 randomly selected? If it’s less than 64%, great; if not, maybe not so great!

    Also, be interesting to have tested another version of the above email, maybe changing the wording from “your free 48 hour cancellation period is almost over” to something a bit more positive, like “we’d like to give you another x hours to confirm your booking – we’d hate you to miss out on…”

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