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Top Gear Falklands fiasco – “Argentina has never practised cannibalism”

The Argentinian ambassador to the UK has accused Jeremy Clarkson of seeking “to portray Argentinians as savages” in his account of being attacked while filming Top Gear in Patagonia.
Clarkson has described how a BBC team was chased from the country by a mob which interpreted his “H982 FKL” license plate as an insulting reference about the Falklands War.
But Alicia Castro described the presenter’s account as “a tale designed to portray Argentinians as savages”, and accused him of “fabricating a horror story”.
In an article for The Independent, she said Mr Clarkson’s comments were a “malicious mockery” of soldiers who died in the Falklands War.
The BBC has repeatedly insisted the combination of numbers and letters on the license plate of Clarkson’s Porsche was “coincidental”.