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“The new craze parenting bloggers are raving about” / Talk to Mums

Forget postage samples to mum bloggers, the latest craze for these mums is being on assignment distributing mass samples out to other mums in their local community. And talking about it online and offline.  Talk to Mums has built an army of mums who will do your grassroots brand building for you!

All types of mums, health conscious mums, millennial mums, corporate mums, across the country have all signing up to become a ‘mumbassadors’. These ‘mumbassadors’ are eager to work and eager to talk and get products into the hands of mums in hard to reach community groups/clubs.

They are eager to represent brands they believe in and spread the word. Forget 1 dimension sampling and mass generalist sampling you can now have an army of real mums spread out across the country talking about you,  building brand believers and changing shopping habits.

If you are looking to, raise brand awareness, launch a new product, gain insight into shopper habits or simply educate mums on your brand, then we need to talk.

Grab yourself an army of mumbassadors and experience the power of people powered marketing.

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