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A coalition of government, business associations and hundreds of local shops stand together to save the high street announces a coordinated industry-wide movement to support and empower every local shopkeeper nationwide, accelerating the whole high street’s transition to a better connected, digitally enabled and more sustainable high street. founding partners include Future High Streets Forum, IMRG, Tech City and PocketHighStreet, and we are working in partnership with the Digital Garage from Google, and various media and retailers that support the movement. And this is just the beginning.

Every high street influencer is being invited to join, endorse, share and support the movement, including local councils, business improvement districts, town teams, local and sector specific associations, bloggers, journalists, publishers, social media celebrities, retail thought leaders, service providers, shops and more.

The movement aims to engage 125,000 retailers nationwide in the next 12 months, and the street team is visiting every local independent shop in Central London starting today.

Power back to local businesses

Being a local shopkeeper takes guts. Too many good shops are fighting for survival. Not enough are expanding as quickly as they’d like. Over 1000 shops closed in the 1st half of 2016 alone. is here to give power back to local businesses to ensure UK high streets thrive for generations to come. has defined an industry standard blueprint for successful local retailing in the era of The Connected Digital High Street; recommending a path ahead for each local shop, leveraging the power of the group, sharing exclusive opportunities and levelling the playing field like never before.

Joining the movement is simple and completely FREE. By registering at you will receive updates and much more.