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A survey of sleepers found that 41% of people sleep on their sides

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A survey of sleepers found that 41% of people sleep on their sides

Types of Mattresses for Side Sleepers

The U.K. Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service did a survey of sleepers and found that 41% of the 1,000 people asked reported to sleep on their sides. If you fall into this category there is a mattress out there that will work best for you. Here at theMarketingblog we find sleep to be as important as work whether we are talking about your mattress or your pajamas.

Side Sleeper Facts

Sleeping on your side can help you avoid pain in the neck and back, it will reduce any acid reflux symptoms you might have, snoring will be less of a problem, and, if you are pregnant, it is the best position for you. There is no denying sleeping on your side is a good decision. Now let’s look at the mattresses that work best for this position.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva mattress, which received a great review from The Sleep Judge specifically for side sleepers, comes with an organic cotton circular knit top panel, which offers greater comfort than most pillow top mattresses.

The Saatva offers motion isolation from the individually wrapped coils inside. This means that the motion transfer on this mattress is far less than other innerspring mattresses.

It comes with three firmness options, plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. For side sleepers they recommend the plush option. It offers great edge support and has a steel coil support system to prevent preemptive deterioration.

Helix Mattress

This mattress has much more to offer than firmness and bounce. Helix allows you to custom-design your mattress with four areas of comfort to consider. Point elasticity, temperature, support, and feel. An important question in the quiz is about your sleeping position, so they will be prepared to give a side sleeper their best option.

If you do have a sleeping partner they offer dual options so you both can sleep on a mattress that suits both your needs. They also offer a blended option that is less expensive by $150.

Helix mattresses come with three layers, which are created to fit the quiz you answered; Proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam, Pocketed microcoils, and high-grade polyfoam base. The middle layer is where you will find your support and this mattress and it is perfect for aligning the spine no matter what position you sleep.

Spindle Mattress

Unlike the other mattresses we’ve discussed thus far, the Spindle Mattress is made of Continuous Pour Dunlop Natural Latex, which is very durable compared to its counterparts. When it comes to motion transfer, this mattress meets all your needs and the comfort and support you will find is top notch.

Latex is a good investment because these types of mattresses tend to last longer than coils and the pricing on this particular brand is very reasonable when compared to other latex mattresses.

In a review by The Sleep Judge, The Spindle Mattress scored high in motion transfer, durability, materials used, warranty options, and value. It’s scores in edge support and temperature regulation weren’t as high but they were a 7.5 out of 10.

Novosbed Mattress

Our next mattress considered a great option for side sleepers is made by Novosbed. This mattress comes with an ultra-soft, moisture-wicking washable cover, which helps draw moisture from your body while you sleep. This feature enables you to have a cool and dry sleeping experience.

Novosbed is also a great option if you are concerned about your carbon footprint. There is zero-waste policy, which means the company recycles or repurposes any material not used in their mattresses. They offer a 120-night trial period with no penalties. This mattress also scored great with The Sleep Judge on motion transfer, durability, offgassing, temperature regulation, and value.

My Green Mattress

Folks who are concerned with the environment will love this mattress because it is made from all-natural materials. The Sleep Judge review of My Green Mattress has found that the support from the innerspring unit is more than sufficient for heavier folks. It also has very little offgassing, and the temperature check showed it sleeps very cool.

My Green Mattress puts the materials it puts in their mattresses through demanding tests and the durability has been called “excellent.” In the review, My Green Mattress scored high on motion transfer, temperature regulation, edge support, materials/durability, offgassing, warranty, and company reputation. Side sleepers will get a great value with this natural mattress option.

Lucid 12” Memory Foam Mattress

Our last mattress on the list is made from memory foam, which is known for its excellence with motion transfer, which is why this option is popular with side sleepers. The Lucid Memory foam is certified by CertiPUR-US , which is a non-for-profit organization that certifies mattresses for sale. It has an open cell structure, which helps increase the breathability of the mattress. This helps keep your body temperature down when you sleep.

While The Sleep Judge review showed that the edge support offered by the Lucid was less than satisfactory, it scored high numbers on motion transfer, offgassing, warranty, company reputation, and value. It got a 7 out of 10 for temperature regulation and durability.


There are great deal of options for folks who are looking to purchase a new mattress.

Since you are a side sleeper, it would be good to review each product that you are interested in to see what works best for you and your position.


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