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Combined TV and digital ratings take a step closer … Verto Analytics

by on October 11, 2017 in Best advertising story, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Research

Combined TV and digital ratings take a step closer … Verto Analytics

Verto Analytics have announced it was named the winner of AGTT’s Screenforce Innovation Day, a competition to find the best audience measurement vendors for TV and digital measurement in Austria. Verto Analytics beat more than a dozen other projects to win a prize of €10,000.

The TELETEST (AGTT) consortium, which was founded in 2005, is currently commissioning a household panel with digital measurement methods to provide a representative report on the use of television and video in Austrian households. As of mid-2016, the panel consists of 1,628 Austrian households, representing a total population of 3,694,000 TV households. 

To uncover the most innovative approaches to digital audience measurement and determine the best solutions to use for its nationwide panel, AGTT held a competition among audience measurement vendors. For this competition, Verto Analytics partnered with MindTake, the leading market research agency in digital advertising effectiveness in Austria, to obtain and manage Verto’s proposed panel. Also active in central and southeastern Europe and Germany, MindTake has been operating since 2002 as a panel provider and full-service market and opinion research firm.

A winner

Verto Analytics @VertoAnalytics and MindTake’s project was selected as a winner for its audiomatching technology, which allows for single-source measurement of video content across all devices. Verto collects television and video reference data and metadata, while matching all incoming audio samples to corresponding TV channels using audio fingerprinting.

“Understanding video and television audiences is critical for media planning, but has been incredibly challenging to measure. Because consumers may watch video by themselves, or in groups, it has been difficult to point cross-platform behaviour at the individual level,” said Michael Read, SVP Europe, Verto Analytics. “Verto’s single-source methodology for audiomatching allows for measurement of a single consumer’s viewing habits across all devices, providing advertisers with deeper cross-platform insights about each media touch point, across TV and online platforms.”

“With media consumption becoming increasingly fragmented and happening everywhere – from mobile phones, tablets and laptops, to Smart-TVs, recorded TV and linear TV – measuring media consumption on one platform is no longer accurate,” said Klaus Oberecker, Managing Partner, MindTake Research.

“Measurement should follow the individual and become user-centric, following them across devices, across locations and throughout the day. This is something that we are already doing with our Reppublika platform in Austria for mobile and web, and we look forward to further innovating together with Verto Analytics, for true 360-degree user measurement.”

By winning the competition, Verto Analytics is now being considered for implementation across AGTT’s digital audience measurement panel.


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