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Myths about social media marketing everyone must know

by on April 16, 2018 in Advertising, Business, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Latest News, Lead Article, LinkedIn, Mobile Marketing, News you can use, Nuggets, Pinterest, Social Media, Twitter

Myths about social media marketing everyone must know

Social media marketing is the newest marketing solution that has proved effective to brands in diverse specialties.

It is projected online marketing will surpass traditional channels by 2020 and part of the marketing activity will be through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

With social media marketing gaining traction at a fast pace, there have been myths surrounding the whole industry that have prevented upcoming businesses from reaping the benefits of social media marketing.

Here are some of the myths you should beware of that might ruin your planning when marketing through social media platforms.

Only Suitable for Big Brands

You will have to admit there are lots of myths about social media marketing, and this is one of those you will most probably come across in all conversations about social media marketing. The belief that only big brands can succeed with social media marketing is unfounded because many startups that grew to become established brand got most of their customers through social media marketing.

The only thing big brands have that small businesses lack is the ability to raise high fees for advertising, which means they can run their ads longer and can also bid higher. However, a small business with a small budget will still get audience, and there are also channels that are free like the use of Facebook groups and creating engaging content to build an online community of loyal followers.

The Market is Saturated

Every new business would like to get a share of the audience, but some people will discourage you saying the market is already saturated and you cannot make progress in the highly competitive market. This, again, is a myth that should be disregarded as it is misleading. Although there are many brands competing for space in the digital space, your strategy is what matters when creating a marketing campaign.

You need to put into use analytics tools to what the audience expects, and where necessary you can spy on your competitors to see what they are doing right that you could borrow.

You must be Tech Savvy to Hack Social Media Marketing

There is also the belief that to become excellent in social media marketing you have to be someone with a background in computer science or related fields. Although possessing skills in those areas is a bonus, you don’t need to be a graduate or student of computer science or IT to excel in social media marketing.

This is a field that requires you master marketing dynamics and how to influence your audience to buy your products. Setting up the campaigns is aided by software provided by the social platform, so your work is to feed data and submit the campaign.

If you are planning on establishing a social media marketing campaign, you need to understand the basics surrounding the digital marketing space. Don’t be discouraged by the myths may people spew that are mostly targeted at small businesses. Even with a minimal budget and no background in IT, you can still excel in social media marketing. All you need is a solid plan and good execution.

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