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What HR can learn from marketing

For businesses of all sizes and in many different industries, HR and marketing are two crucial arms but not often ones which are intertwined.

Despite this, there is actually a great deal that HR can learn from marketing which could have a significant impact on the success of the business in the long run.  In order for a business to be profitable it will need to focus on customer satisfaction and employee effectiveness and this is where HR can learn from marketing.

Understanding People

Marketing teams need to understand their target audience so that they can advertise with complete precision. It can also be helpful for HR to understand those that are working for their company in terms of morale, motivation, frustrations, skills and everything else right from the hiring process through to when they leave the company.


Hiring is a crucial process as every business will need to bring on the right people in order for their company to succeed. This can be a huge challenge for the HR team but by looking to marketing principles it could help you to find the right staff. This is through creating a high-quality job advert and by using “personas” to establish characteristics for the ideal employee.

Employee Value

HR needs to find ways to keep morale high too as this will help productivity whilst also increasing loyalty. One of the most effective ways to do this is by making sure that employees are paid accurately and on time with payroll solutions available from places like Moorepay. Failure to do this would have a negative impact on staff and it would be likely that they would leave the company.

Employer Brand

Following on from this, HR can also look to marketing when it comes to creating a distinct employer brand. Marketing will work to create an engaging and meaningful brand that customers will appreciate and HR needs to do the same to create a strong employer brand or employer value proposition (EVP). This will help them to attract the best talent and to stay committed to the company throughout their career. This can be achieved through gathering insights from current, former and prospective employees.


Communication is, of course, key to success in marketing and particularly in today’s internet-driven world where brands can use social media to create two-way communication avenues with their target audience.

This is also something that HR could utilise to improve internal communication and enable employees to have their voices heard when it comes to matters relating to the company. This can help the company in many different ways and it is particularly effective for larger businesses with a lot of staff.

As you can see, HR can learn a lot from looking at different marketing principles.

The principle of focusing internally and looking after employees is vital to success as is acquiring customers through marketing.

There are a few similarities with these processes and a company could go on to find greater success by looking at their marketing department and borrowing a few principles to use in their HR department.

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