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Big Brands vs Budget Tech

by on December 18, 2018 in Entertainment, Lead Article, Music, News you can use, Nuggets, Research, Retail, Retail News

Big Brands vs Budget Tech

In the run up to Christmas, the big brands are working like crazy to persuade us to purchase their version of the latest tech.

However, with big brands often come even bigger price tags, causing some people to search for instant credit to get that must-have gadget in time to put it under the Christmas tree.

But is there another way? Could you get similar tech at a reduced rate because it doesn’t bear the brand name?

We compare this year’s must-have tech to see if you can save some cash this Christmas.

Smartphones: iPhone Xs vs Huawei Mate 20 Lite

With the new iPhone Xs starting from £999, it is an extremely pricey bit of kit. Indeed, unless you have a spare thousand pounds sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, you’re probably going to need to sign up to a costly contract or borrow some money in order to buy it.

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite, on the other hand, comes with a much smaller price tag of £329.

It’s 6.3-inch Full HD+ display is larger than the iPhone Xs’ 5.8-inch display and only a smidgen smaller than the iPhone Xs Max’s 6.5-inch screen. Yes, the iPhones boast a ‘Super Retina custom OLED display’ but be honest – how much would you notice (or care about) the difference?

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite boasts two cameras on the front and two on the back, which makes this phone an ideal alternative for those who love taking selfies.

Smart speakers: Amazon’s Echo vs JAM Symphony

More and more of us are purchasing smart speakers for our homes.

Amazon’s Echo has to be one of the most well-known smart speakers on the market. However, there are other alternatives.

At around half the price of the Echo, JAM Symphony lets you stream your music throughout your house, all controlled from your smartphone. Plus, it has a ‘push to talk’ Amazon Alexa feature, which enables you to get access to Alexa from your smartphone. Essentially, this means you can access all of Alexa’s features through JAM.

If you’re looking for a budget alternative to the Echo this Christmas, JAM may be exactly what you’re after.

Wireless headphones: Bose’s QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II vs Jabra Move Wireless

When we think of quality headphones and speakers, one of the first brands we’ll think of is Bose. While there’s no arguing that they produce quality products, they can be pretty pricey.

The Jabra Move Wireless headphones come in at £59.99 (down from £79.99 on Amazon at the time of writing), compared to £289 on Amazon (full price £329.95) for the Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II.

But are these budget headphones any good? Well, according to, they are an “all-around stellar product”. And at just over £200 cheaper than the Bose rivals, they are ideal for those on a budget.

Do your research

If you’re considering buying that latest piece of tech for Christmas, take the time to look at some cheaper alternatives. It’s not always worth spending more for a branded item.

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