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Marketing publications & your business: Top tips

by on January 31, 2019 in Best advertising story, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Marketing publications & your business: Top tips

Big brands have a following to match – and sometimes it’s a die-hard following.

Many customers and consumers will be drawn to a brand or business that provides fresh, additional content in the form of editorials and publications, in both digital and print form.

While there are plenty of debates over whether print publishing is dying and whether to only publish digital magazines, until the subscriptions get cancelled it’s still a valued magazine format. However, to make sure these publications actually get read, there are a few things to bear in mind.

Be exclusive

If your client isn’t particularly forthcoming with news, it’s wise to gently remind them for any upcoming releases or updates.

Members of subscriptions are generally hungry for product releases and exiting news, so being exclusive with brand news ensures that members will keep turning to your magazines for updates as opposed to just hunting for it online.

Make it interactive

The reason that members become brand devotees is because they have a personal connection with the product. For example, some enthusiasts want to share their stories and the experiences that they have had that relate to your brand.

Creating a gallery or stories section creates an interactive aspect that ensures members will want to hunt through the magazine. Setting up and publicising an email account for members to send their pictures and stories to generates not only a personal aspect to the magazine, but also sometimes provides leads to interesting stories.

Make it international

If your company has an international reach, then the chances are that there’s also a global fan base. Setting up a multi-lingual magazine might seem a big task, but it might be well worth the toil.

Your project will involve setting up translators, a bigger editorial team and a much bigger printer run, but showing your international following that they’re listened to could be incredibly lucrative.

Understand your readership

If it’s a long-standing magazine, then you’ll need to keep doing your research on your target readership. This can help ensure the content you are producing is relevant, and will keep readers coming back.

Doing a bit of Qualitative Market Research could be invaluable, and you might discover invaluable data and insights into your readership that you hadn’t considered. This can stretch to your digital marketing pursuits as well as any editorials or publications you are managing.

Consider improvements

While a magazine is being produced, it’s easy to become disconnected from each part of the production line.

Sales, editorial and design can all become separate in their own departments, so having a meeting to see what needs improving is incredibly valuable.

Improving the processes each time makes for a much slicker magazine and a much more developed end product

If your members’ magazines need a bit of a shakeup, then there’s no time like the present to start making fundamental changes.

Keeping your readership engaged and the quality of the magazines high are the best ways to ensure that members come back for more, and more importantly, stay subscribed.


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